January 21, 2009

Baby Rhett

My dear friend Anna gave birth to her third baby while I was home for Christmas! It was so fun to meet little Rhett before heading back to Ireland. Love you Anna, and loved meeting your newest sweet pea, he is perfect!

Anna said she'd make my next baby a blanket like Rhett's, I'm gonna hold you to that, friend!


Kellyry said...

Nothing quite like newborns! So cuddly. (Adorable blanket!)

Anonymous said...

What a beauty. lovely pics Moll. And I want one of the blankets too!(well, when i have a baby that is) Is she in the business?
hugs to you! Izzy

Anonymous said...

Oh, Molly.....what BEAUTIFUL pictures and what a sweet baby! Love the ones in sepia...you amaze me!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic pics Molly!

anna said...

hello!? after what you have done here (and for me my whole life) i'm already PLANNING your blanket, sister! all you have to do is get preggers and tell me what KIND of baby you are getting.

these pictures are so amazing. i am dying. just so you know, andrew and alexis have not met him yet and they are dying to meet him. can i just say that i love you to pieces. what you have done here takes my breath away. i want them ALL! i WILL be printing them and wallpaper with them.

(just tell me where to have them printed so i can make you proud and they will be good quality)

i love you. and i want to come to ireland. oh, and the next time you come home, we are SOOOO GOING FOR TEA.

Carrie said...

Beautiful Mols! Woo-hoo, we're in the capital & I can actually leave a comment! Exciting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Molly:

...I'd just like to SLEEP like he is. Really!



The Bode Family said...

Oh I LOVE them. Love the attention to detail... especially the ring pic! He is yummy. Next time will you do my baby?! You are GOOD.

The Bode Family said...

Oh and Anna should sell those blankies... sign me UP! Nothin' like a cozy, fun blank!

Kjrsten said...