November 4, 2009

B's Balloon Birthday Bash

I love birthdays and I love parties so each year it is a pleasure to throw my daughter a party to celebrate her special day. When she picked "balloons" for her party theme I was super excited about all the possibilities. I'm borderline obsessed with big, round, balloons these days and was thrilled to incorporate them into her party. The kids loved the balloons and I think if that was all I had for the whole party, that would've been enough! B's friend Owen couldn't make it so it turned out to be an all-girls party, we missed you, O! Here is a peek into Brennan's special day~



the inspiration for the colors of the day







I can take no credit for the cake/cupcakes, that was ALL Aunt Hillory :)


balloon races are fun
so is pin the string on the balloon

gotta blindfold 'em somehow!

they each painted their own balloon



do you see that bag in the middle? the one that says "happy b day"? SO perfect, thanks Bev!

hi Bev






the cake maker

The End.


Anonymous said...

So fun to see the pictures and relive that sweet special day!
grandma kemi

The Shape said...

Not fair...wasn't there...all sad now...

Anonymous said...

Hi Molly:

There was more fun going on at that party than one could believe! Wow, it was all decked out so nicely. The balloons, the cake, the grandmas, the aunts, the kids, the fun....! I'll bet B wants to do it all over again, huh?

I hear she's a little under the weather. We'll be praying for her.

In Him,


kemountain said...

That looked like the most perfect balloon birthday bash for a 3 year old! Wonderful little touches, down to Brennan's little t-shirt. Or maybe it all started with the tee? You're a party hosting extraordinaire.

Anonymous said...

It was a fun party - despite that I looked angry in the pic - just "determined"...The decorations were amazing and it was a sweet, perfect party!

Doggie Grandma

Kelly said...

Looks like a perfect #3 birthday bash was had! Love the theme. (And love seeing my girl there celebrating with B :-)

anna said...

happy birthday B girl! yay! that party looks like it was perfect! that cake...oh MY! wish i could have been there.

i love love love the pictures molls!

kmcclelland said...

Great pics! Sounds like a fun party. I especially love Brennan's cute!

I had a similar banner made for M&L's birthday to what you have it!


Laura Call said...

The balloon blindfold idea is hilarious! And I don't know who Aunt Hillory is but I WANT to know her if it means she'll make my birthday cake! What a fun party and you just grabbed me and sucked me right in with these amazing pictures, Molly!

Jen said...

Ohmygoodness, what a fun, colorful party! You are the pro Mol! I bet B had such a wonderful time. Now... on to your bday celebration. :)

Lauren said...

You sure know how to throw a party! Looks like so much fun. I hope B and her friends had a blast.

Great cake Hillory!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, B! Looks like you had a very nice party. Your Aunt Hillory is one talented lady. The Winn Family is truly blessed with people of many talents! Love the pictures, Molly. I still miss your end of the month pictures of Brennan but sharing in all that you do almost makes up for it! :)

Kjrsten said...

what a spectacular party! You should submit this to cookiemag-online! It would totally fit! THe cake/cupcakes your SIL is genius! all of it, so adorable! so much fun! Love the little crocheted ballons! Love the colors- such great coordinating! Love you cute house, and finally LOVE your front door!

Carrie said...

Beautiful photos from an incredible party day! You are definitely the ultimate planner & hostess.

Pera Chapita said...

I LOVE IT!! GIGANTIC BALLOONS, what a great idea! Congratulations :)

gwswenson said...

Such a lovely party...I'm dying to know who did the invitations, or where did you find the cards if you printed them yourself? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me where you got the big round balloons - I can't find them anywhere!!