August 31, 2010

my baby's first day of school '10

I've been looking forward to today for weeks now, a little break for me, a lot of fun, learning, and interaction w/ other kids for B, and just some time to get some things done. Its so crazy though, as much as I get excited for the break, the second I drop her off my heart sinks a little. Adam and I both dropped B off at school today and as we said goodbye and started walking out the door I turned to Adam and said "well, thats kinda sad isn't it?" He looked at me and said "not really." Theres a dad versus mom for ya! I didn't get teary per se but I know I could of if I allowed myself to wallow in the hallway for just a moment longer, instead I kept walking out the door. I'm so excited for her, her teacher seems so so nice and I know my girl, the more interaction with other kids -the happier she is. I know 2:30pm will come quickly and she'll be happy as a clam. Sigh. She's growing up. Here she is, my little girl, just an hour ago. Happy 1st day of school, B! xo







(I have a ridiculous lunch box story to share, will tell it in a couple weeks when her "real" lunch box arrives...ay yi yi)


The Shape said...

Hope she has fun. Ah you don't have to wear school uniforms...that's a big thing here. Parents always cry when they see their kids in uniform for the first time...

Anonymous said...

Oh she looks so adorable, happy, confident, proud and ready to go! I am very eager to hear all about her day -- hopefully she will be ready to share! Not at all surprised at how you are feeling but am surprised at Adam's comment.
Can't believe that lunch box is not a keeper. Seems like it fits B to a "t". Are you sure she'll be willing to give it up?

Grandma Kemi

Anonymous said...

OH, I am crying just looking at these pictures and reading your story....she looks so adorable and like Grandma Kemi says, so happy, confident and excited for her first day of school!!!! I did hear the "lunchbox" story and it is funny! Can't wait to hear all about her day:)
Doggie Grandma

izzyg said...

Aaaawwww.... B. so so sweet ~ makes me want to head back to elementary school all over again. She looks so happy molly, makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

So cute! I'm sure she had a blast...and I agree with adam...not sad. hee hee =)

~Auntie Hill

Anonymous said...

I love Adam!

anna said...

she is way too big now! tell her to stop growing up!! i love her dress! what a cutie pie.

Anonymous said...

At least she made droping her off easy. I hated school and especially the first day. My first day of K I literally had to be held in a bear hug by the secretary outside the classroom as I cried, kicked, and punched and tried everything to get away from her and not have to go into the classroom. My mom cried all day long (I found out later). I thought about running home at lunch time but didn't. Although thinking back now i wish i would have it would have made a better story lol. B's first day sounds much better than mine was.

Kjrsten said...

Q! T!

Myron Cross said...

Good job for not tearing up, Molly! Haha! Seriously, as heavy it is to a parent’s heart to see their babies off to school on their first day, it wouldn’t do any good and will only turn the separation anxiety worse, if the kids will see their Mom or Dad crying. Thankfully, it seems B handled her first day of school well. I assume she’s in big school now. I hope she’s doing great. Have a nice day!

Myron Cross @ Melvin Speech