December 30, 2011

Happy New Years....card

So, I waited and waited and waited for our family photos to be done, its been about 7 weeks and we still don't have them. Boo. So, I let the idea go of a Christmas card, then I thought about doing a New Years card but thought, nah, I'm over it, I'll just do one next year. Then I got some promotional free shipping, 15% off purchase, etc.. so I bit the bullet and ordered some new years cards, BUT I only ordered a handful. They were still a chunk of money that I really didn't want to spend since I was already so over the whole thing. So, to ALL of my friends and family out there who aren't seeing one in their mailbox PLEASE forgive me! It doesn't mean I don't love you, that you aren't important, that you won't get one from us next year, etc.. this year, I just didn't decided to be a bit more minimalistic about it all. So, there is my full disclosure. BUT, here is what it looks like, so, its like I am sending it to ALL of you...right? :) Happy New Year to everyone out there reading this, with MUCH love, the Winns. xo


December 28, 2011

what we've been up to

Sorry for the blog lull, we've been hanging out. My parents were in town for Christmas so that meant lots of cooking, baking, game playing, movie watching, and just being. As usual the visits go by fast and then we're back to a quiet house. Today I had my last photo shoot of the year and now I'm just taking a deep breath, getting ready to gear up for the new year. I have lots of thoughts swirling around my head, I'm hoping to get some time to think and pause a bit in the next few days so I can make some goals and plans for next year (how is it Dec. 28th already?!!).

Remember the cake I posted a few posts back? Well, I made it and it did not disappoint! I also made the peppermint "plate" for it to sit on (did you know that if you placed peppermints on a cookie sheet and baked it for a few minutes they would melt into each other making a pretty plate? Thank you Southern Living magazine!). Anyhoo, the cake isn't hard, just a bit time consuming due to the freezing of the cheesecake layers, etc. so if you want a YUMMY "wow" dessert I would definitely recommend it!


Okay, its almost 11pm here and I'm wiped! I'm off to bed, but I did finally get around to blogging a sweet newborn session so head on over here to see more! xo

December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas & happy holidays

"The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world" ~ John 1:9


I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! xo

December 21, 2011

heart of darkness brownies & a favorite fam

A dear friend of ours who lives on our street, goes to our church, and whom we spend a lot of time with is going on sabbatical for EIGHT long months. He leaves for London in 2 days, and won't be back for 225 days, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. A group of us that gets together regularly had a little goodbye dinner for him last night, I was in charge of dessert. A friend recently bought me a dessert cookbook called something like "messy oooey goey" -I can't think of the exact title but anyhoo, you get the idea right? Well, last night I tried the "heart of darkness brownies" and let me tell you, they were a heart attack on a plate! There were 5 candy bars, 3 cups of marshmallows, over 3 cups of sugar, chocolate chips, carmel sauce, etc.. in them! Ay yi yi. Cleaning the pans was fun too in case you were wondering. :) It was a lovely evening of toasting and saying farewell to our friend, I already can't wait for him to come back, sniff.

In other news, I finally got around to blogging the cutie patootie Peters. Head on over HERE to check out their session! xo


December 20, 2011

The office is painted!

Okay, so I finally took some pics of the office yesterday! I am thrilled with the color, really happy with how the paint job turned out. For interested folks the color I used is called grizzle gray by Sherwin Williams.

Here is the "before" photo (I took this a picture a year and a half ago when we bought the house, apparently I'm really bad at remembering to take actual "before" photos):



canvas photo by Shannon Stewart

Adam and I share the office, my desk is the industrial one, Adam's is the french one. One thing we didn't really take into consideration when thinking of this space was outlets. There aren't really any outlets that are close enough to my desk for my computer to reach. So, needless to say, I don't get much work done in here! Adam uses is all.the.time. though so I'm glad it gets some good use! (yes, we could get an extension cord but it would drag across the whole room, ugh)

I wish we could do away w/ the ceiling fan and put in a cool light fixture but since our home is 100+ years old and has horrible insulation (i.e. none) we really need the fan for the summer months in order to survive the heat. Oh well. One day I want to do away w/ the carpet and put in either white concrete or hardwood floors, that is waaaaaay down the line. The only things left I really need to do in here are to hang my "mwp" hooks (that are laying on the desk) and to get some window treatments. So, its close to being complete! I feel like this year was the year of furniture and painting in the Winn house and next year will be window treatments and light fixtures. Always something! Happy Tuesday all! xo

December 19, 2011

how is it Monday already?!

This weekend flew by! I can't believe its Monday morning already! Okay, I'm all over the place this morning, kinda in a hurry and have lots of cleaning to do! I WILL post pictures of the office tomorrow (I know if I say it out loud I will get it done today). For today, I will leave you with a sneak peek of a sweet baby boy, more to come! Hope this is a great start to a fun week for everyone! xo


December 16, 2011

this made me laugh outloud & Seattle in February

Brennan has been asking Adam and I about watching our wedding video for ages now. To be honest, I'm not sure why its taken us so long to get it out for her! Anyhoo, the other day we finally got to it and she was up in her room watching it (which I think is kinda cool:)) and she comes downstairs and says in a why/how didn't I know this kind of tone "hey! you know what?!" (with her hand on her hip), "granddad and grandpa used to have hair!!" Adam and I started busting up laughing, and we said "yes, B, they did used to have hair!" and then she goes on to say "and daddy doesn't have his goat!!!" I'm sure this story is loosing something in the translation but trust me, it was hysterical! I think she felt duped that all this time she didn't realize that her grandpas had hair at one point and she never knew! Made me laugh. So, I guess that's what she got out of watching our wedding video!

In other news, my trip to Seattle is officially booked! (woot woot!) I have one session scheduled while I'm there, I think I could squeeze in one more on Sunday, Feb. 5th if any one is interested. If you want it, email me: molly{at}mollywinnphotography{dot}com and we'll see if we can swing it!

Sorry, no pics today, yesterday was spent running around like a chicken w/ my head cut off - getting gifts shipped, groceries bought, shuttling B to her Christmas program at school (she was a candy cane for part of it and an angel for the other part -cutest thing EVER!). As we were getting ready to go to school she said to Adam "daddy, I don't have stagefrights any more, Jesus took it away." Sweet girl. So all that to say, pics to come another day! Have a fantastic weekend, all! xo

December 15, 2011

Layered Peppermint Cheesecake

I plan to make this for Christmas Eve, I can.not. wait to taste it!


AND I posted a cute family photo session over HERE, check it out! xo

December 14, 2011

I spoke too soon

So yesterday morning I thought I was over the worst of my sickness, I was wrong. About mid afternoon it all of a sudden hit me...AGAIN like a ton of bricks. So, pretty much most of my day was a total waste with very little accomplished. Sigh. My house is a pit, I have laundry stacked high, and little projects just waiting to be completed. I hate being sick!! I'm hopeful today will be a better day.

Here is a favorite of mine from a photo shoot I haven't had time to blog just yet, but I promise, more to come! xo
P.S. We still haven't seen the photos from our photo shoot that we had done over a month ago, so at this point I think its safe to say Christmas cards...not so much.

December 13, 2011

a nasty bug and a cute owl

I just realized that this is my 1003 post! I was going to think of something unique/cool/fun, etc. to do for my 1000th post but clearly that ship has sailed. Darn it! Oh well, I guess now I'm off the hook for having to actually think of something unique/cool/fun, etc.. I really did have good intentions. :)

So I don't know what I caught/ate, etc. but I had the nastiest bug yesterday! I spent most of the day on the couch writhing in pain and moaning (in between trips to the bathroom of course...tmi?). Anyway, I'm feeling much better today but sluggish and blah. I hate being sick!

I had a whole list of things to get done today while B was at school, I'm thinking they aren't going to happen. Sigh. The office is officially all painted but I need to go around and clean up my moldings that took a beating. I also need to hang a couple things and then photos -promise!

For now, I will leave you with a sneak peek of this darling baby girl. Hope ya'll have a great day! xo


December 12, 2011

plumbing, peanut butter cookies, a purple toe, and a peek!

This weekend was a busy one! It consisted of 2 photo shoots, 3 parties, 1 gathering (which is different than a party only b/c its a regular occurrence), 1 batch of cookie baking, and a plumbing crisis. Other than the plumbing crisis, it was a pretty good weekend!

First up: plumbing crisis-

After last year's whole sewage backup into the basement we put these senors downstairs, when water touches them they make a loud, obnoxious sound. Well, Sunday morning while I'm in the tippy top getting ready for church Adam is in the basement watching water pool. Lovely. Brennan and I head to church while Adam waits for the city folks to come check it out. The city folks come, tell us the backup isn't on their end and we're on our own! No problem, we have a home warranty that we pay for, we'll call our guys out! Well, our guys come out, tell us, yes, it is our problem BUT they won't fix it b/c access to the pipe isn't on our property line and they don't cover things not on our actual property. WHAT?!!!! Only the access to the pipe isn't on our property, the pipe IS but apparently they don't care about that. Third company of the day then comes out and fixes said problem. At the end of the day we were out $275, lovely timing 2 weeks before Christmas, no? (I seriously should start a a blog series called "the joys of home ownership" and open it up to the masses (well all 5 of you who read this :) and let everyone vent and share their horror stories). Fun times!

Next up: peanut butter cookies with hersey kisses -

We've all had these cookies right? Those yummy peanut butter ones w/ the fabulous hersey kiss in the center. Mmmm mmm mmm. During my junior year of college my roommate Kathy would make these and my other roommate Izzy and I would devour them the second they got out of the oven! I've always loved these but have never made them for myself. Well, I went to a cookie exchange party this weekend and had to bring 2 dozen cookies so, I googled a recipe and picked one to try. People, you've!! They are perfectly chewy, the baking time is exact, and they make like 4 dozen+, so a great option for a party or to spread some holiday cheer to friends! Here is the recipe link. Enjoy!

Third: purple toe -

Here is a photo (sooc) that I snapped after my fall that I talked about in my last post. Lest you think I was exaggerating about my poor toe (and don't look at my horribly chippy toenails!)


Lastly, sneek peek: -

Because blog posts are so much better with photos, and b/c this picture just makes me smile. More of this cute family to come! Happy Monday, all! xo


December 8, 2011

I fell...and it hurt....BAD

Today I totally ate it, big time. I was running and I didn't see a step (a concrete step might I add), and I tripped, went flying, nearly head-on into a metal door. To protect my camera I threw my arm in front of it and landed on my arm in a funky way. My toe is hurting from the run-in with the step, my arm is sore from the rough landing, and my whole body aches from the fast fall. Ugh. Good news is my camera survived unscathed! Whew! I think my body is going to have a hard time getting out of bed tomorrow.

On a less painful note, here is sneak peek of a cute family session I'm working on, more to come! Hope everyone out there has a great weekend! xo


December 7, 2011

more randomness

I just wrote a big ol' blog post and then hit "save." Do you ever do that? Write a letter, blog post, etc. knowing you very well might not send it/post it? Just to get your thoughts out there? I might publish it at some point, just not today. Funny me.

Okay, so yesterday we almost finished painting the office! Who hoo!! I had to stop to make pizza dough for mi casa. Can I just tell you my fears of yeast were confirmed!! I bought SIX packets of yeast just to be sure I would do it right. Here's the deal, I'm aware yeast needs a warm place to rise, my kitchen isn't exactly warm this time of year. When you take a bowl out of my cabinets it is c.o.l.d. So, naturally I ran the bowl under hot water and then did the yeast thing. I could tell it wasn't doing exactly what it should so I called my sis-in-law and she did it on her end in California (thanks Rachel!) so she could send me a pic, tell me how long hers took to respond, etc.. Well, after using all SIX batches, 2ish kinda turned out. I had the bowls of dough rising in the guest room (the warmest room of the house) but I still don't think they got as full as they should have. Sigh. Anyhoo, we put the dough on the grill, and sent one of our mi casa gals to the store to get some store-bought dough as well (to make sure everyone had enough). It worked out okay, it just wasn't exactly what it should have been, still tasty though.

What else...oh, I FINALLY found the per.fect. mirror for my bedroom! It was just what I had in mind for the space so happy birthday to me! I will try and remember to take a pic to post! I love checking things off my list! (esp when I look for an item for a really long time!)

I have to get going, gotta take B into the dr since her UTI is lingering. Poor girl. I hope you all have a great Wednesday! xo

************updated- photos of mirror!***************



December 6, 2011

why is it so hard to be motivated to paint a second coat?

I've done enough painting in the past year and a half that I know how I work. I get super excited to start a project and get it going, and then when I see progress...I tend to loose some steam. Sigh. I have one coat of paint done in the office and one to go, and my motivation to finish has taken the back seat. I'm SO type A so don't get me wrong, this project WILL be done in the near future but the truth is, it should have and could have been done by now. Sigh.

In other randomness, I'm DYING to see our family photos that we had done 3+ weeks ago. Still haven't even gotten a peek and my curiosity is about killing me. Can't wait!

I'm debating not doing Christmas cards this year. I feel like I go through this internal struggle every year and I always end up doing them but this year...I just don't know. I think at the very least I've tossed out the idea of designing my own (which I prefer), I don't know that I want to pour that much energy/time/thought/money into it this year. I'm also thinking about just ordering a handful and not sending out a million (okay not a million but a lot) like I usually do. I do love getting Christmas cards, opening my mailbox each day is like a little treat this time of year, no?

Its starting to get cold here in Waco, the low is 27 degrees tonight! Brrrr!! This Texas skin is quite thin these days and this is just crazy cold! Our bedroom is starting to become a freezer like it has proven to do this time of year. You literally get a chill walking down the hallway as you enter our room (the joys of living in a 100 year old home). :)

Tonight is our last mi casa of the semester, crazy how time flies! My darlings said they wanted to do make-your-own pizzas for dinner so I'm going to make this pizza dough that is specific to grilling the pizza, hope it turns out! My sis -in- law makes it every year on our vacation and its so yummy! (poor Adam has to stand in the cold and grill the pizzas, brr!!) I'm afraid of cooking anything w/ yeast so fingers crossed it turns out!

The end of the year is close at hand so its got me thinking a lot about the "new years goals" I made in January. I don't think there has ever been a year that my goals have been on the forefront of my mind more than this year. I think something about putting them "out there" for the world to read has kept me accountable and motivated (well, for the most part, there were some things I straight up dropped the ball on).

I took B to get her picture taken w/ Santa yesterday. We have done this every year since she was born (b/c my mom made me do it until I was in college thus I plan to torture my child in the same way). Its fun to see how she interacts w/ Santa the older she gets. She happily sat on his lap and told him she wanted a puppy (poor girl) and an American girl doll (poor parents...literally!). I think Santa was worried about this one and gave a sheepish "we'll have to see" -can't blame the guy, talk about setting him up for failure! No dogs will be coming into this house for Christmas! (but B's American girl doll is on its way, shhhh!)

My parents are coming to Texas for Christmas! My dad has never been to Texas and I don't know how many years its been since my parents have spent Christmas away from their house (at least 30, right mom?) so we are super excited to have them! B has already made cards to welcome them and we talk daily about how many more days it is until they get here. I feel like such an adult hosting my parents for Christmas. :) Fun!

Well, this post of randomness is getting a bit long so although I'm sure I could keep going I'll stop here for now. I better scrounge up some gumption and get to painting! Ciao for now! xo

In keeping with randomness, here is a random photo! These photos I took were on display at Joanna's home for her holiday show. If any past/future clients want to order these "stand outs" from their session let me know! I have a couple around my home and I love them! A fun, less expensive, frameless option to canvas!

December 5, 2011

Erin had her baby! and Seattle in February?

Hello dear readers! Hope you all had a great weekend! We purchased and decorated our Christmas tree, contributed to the chili expo at church, helped B survive yet another UTI (booo!!!!), and watched the Baylor Bears kick some UT bootie! All in all, it was a good weekend! I painted 1 coat in the office and have 1 more to go, hoping to get the office all wrapped up this week, and then photos!! Woot woot! I can't wait to check that off my to-do list! In other news, I might be in Seattle the first weekend of February, if I can swing this trip I will have time for 1-2 photo sessions. If you are interested in a session, shoot me an email: molly{at)mollywinnphotography{dot}com and we'll see if we can make it happen! That is all the news around these here parts on this Monday morning. To see Erin's sweet pea head on over here! xo

December 2, 2011

she throws the best parties!

The other day B asked me to take some pictures of the tea party that she was hosting in her bedroom. I happily obliged. I love her attention to detail, the bears have napkins, the food thoughtfully placed, etc. she really does think it all through. :) She even has her dogs in their dog houses in the back. Cutie. Have a great weekend, all! xo










November 30, 2011


I didn't get one Christmas decoration out yesterday and I ran out of paint a couple hours into my project. So, although the office isn't even half done, I can already tell I'm going to LOVE my color choice! I think it makes the room look so much more cozy and unique.

For mi casa last night we busted out our new grill (thank you Mike!!) and grilled some hot dogs! It was a tad cold outside for grilling but they tasted delish! All in all, a pretty good day! Not much going on today, B doesn't have school on Wednesdays so we're just hanging out. Have a great Wednesday all, and head over here to see this fun mini session! xo


November 29, 2011

on tap for today

So, I bit the bullet, I picked out a paint color for the office...and its DARK. I wanted to try something out of the box for me, something more daring and that would make a bold statement. I figured the office was the place to try something like this in, a smallish room, Adam and I are really the only ones ever in it, its a creative space so it would make sense to take a risk, etc. I've only painted part of one wall to see if I could handle it without sucking my thumb and rocking in a corner and so far, I think I can! I'm such a fan of white/open/airy spaces so this is definitely a risk. Of course I'll share some photos when I'm done, hoping it won't take too long!

We had an impromptu dinner party last night (which really just means some friends were here and ended up staying for dinner), we had T-Day leftovers, they were tasty! I'm glad my fridge has some more space in it and the 5lbs of potatoes I made are going to good use! We have mi casa tonight, I have no clue what we're having for dinner...gotta figure that out.

B went back to school today!! After a week and a half off the girl was ready, and truth be told, so was I! I'm looking forward to getting a lot done today! I still have pumpkin decor all over the house and it wasn't until yesterday that "Happy Thanksgiving!" got erased from the chalkboard! I gotta get into Christmas mode around here!

Okay, those are my ramblings for this fine Tuesday morning! I'll leave you with a sneak peek of this newborn session I'm working on, more of this cutie pie to come! xo

November 25, 2011

what I'm thankful for

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we sure did! I loved all the new recipes I tried and have leftovers for weeks! If anyone wants some food, come on over!! On my other blog I posted what I'm thankful for, go check it out here. Have a great weekend everyone! xo


November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Line Up

So I know I said in a previous post I didn't want to "over do" it since it was just going to be 4 of us at Thanksgiving this year (and one of those 4 being a 5 year old very picky eater) but as I was making the list of Thanksgiving "must haves" I realized, too bad, we're going to have a lot of food! The one thing I decided to let go of due to time was the goat cheese risotto that I made last week for mi casa. It was SO good and as much as I'd love to eat it again, there just isn't room in my cooking schedule (or my belly) to make it happen. So, with that said, here is the Winn T-Day food line up:

I'm trying Ina Garten's Perfect Roast Turkey for the first time, hope its good!

I'm trying Baked Bree's Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes for the first time. I don't have a food mill (yet, hoping to get one at some point) but I'm hoping it won't matter too much.

I'm making pretty standard but oh so delicious sweet potatoes topped with mini marshmallows.

I'm taking Rhodes frozen rolls out of the bag, letting them sit at room temperature all day and baking them. Not from scratch but so tasty!

I must have the very classic and typical green bean casserole, so thats easy enough!

I'm trying Ina Garten's Herb and Sausage Stuffing for the first time, looks good!

I'm also making Ina's gravy, seems easy enough so I hope it is! And I still have Cognac left over from Ina's beef bourguignon! Score, no trip to the drive in liquor store for me! :)

I'm making a creamed corn recipe that I got from my friend Lauren years ago, I make it every year b/c its the nectar of the gods. Its seriously one of my favorite things ever!

I'm trying this cranberry sauce for the first time, and last but not least, a chocolate peanut butter pie! Adam isn't a huge fan of pumpkin and since he's 1/4 of the people who will be eating I figure, I better make something he'd like. I've never tried this recipe before, it was in my food network magazine, fingers crossed it will be delish!

Hope everything turns out, I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and get cookin'!

November 21, 2011

the benefits of being sick

I've felt pretty nasty the past several days, I think I'm on the mend though! A couple benefits to being sick are:

#1 I haven't had much of an appetite so the scale is down several pounds, who hoo!

#2 I have been in bed the majority of the weekend which means I've had lots of time to edit and blog!

Head on over here to see some of my favorites from this wedding. Happy Monday everyone! xo


November 18, 2011


Ugh, I hate being sick. So far this is day 3 and its the worst so far, stuffy, congested, sore/scratchy throat, etc. Ick! Poor Adam has been doing everything and I've been laying around like a bump on a log. He leaves this morning for 5 days! Double Ick! Im foreseeing the t.v. on way too much and poor little B being bored and missing her daddy like crazy (which she always does when he's gone, but if mom is sick, even more so!).

I've been looking online for delicious turkey recipes and trying to figure out all the sides that I want to try. I think there are only going to be 4 of us this year so don't want to go too overboard. Does any one have any "must try" Thanksgiving dishes they want to share? (Jenny, thanks for the turkey recipe, I just might try it!).

Here is a fave of the ninner from her birthday session, more to come! Have a great weekend everyone! xo


November 17, 2011

November 16, 2011

I made my first turkey yesterday!

So last night the Winn mi casa celebrated an early Thanksgiving! Since this was our last get together before actual Thanksgiving we thought it was now or never. I made a turkey for the first.time.ever. and it turned out! I watched the cooking show the other day and 2 recipes stood out to me, so, I gave them a whirl! I made this cranberry and orange glazed turkey and this pumpkin and goat cheese risotto! I LOOOOVE anything having to do w/ goat cheese and pumpkin (and it has bacon) so I figured I couldn't go wrong! The risotto did not disappoint and the turkey was delish (if I do say so myself!). We are hosting Thanksgiving again this year, cousin Mike is flying in from the Bahamas to join us (woot woot!) so that will be lots of fun. I think I'll try a different recipe for the turkey, something more savory rather than sweet (just to mix it up a bit), but the risotto might need to make another appearance. :) Also, the turkey I made last night, it had to be cut up into 6 parts while raw, I was reading online how to do this and needless to was difficult. I asked the butcher at the grocery store about it and he said they used to do it but they don't do it any more. He didn't know of anywhere in town that would do it either so, I was on my own. I was up to my elbows in turkey carcase thinking there had to be a better way. Needless to say, I'm going to cook my next bird whole!

So I hardly ever get sick but I woke up this morning feeling a sickness coming on, ugh. Adam is about to go out of town for 5 days for his yearly conference so the timing is lovely (insert sarcastic tone and eye roll). If you don't hear from me for a while, its probably b/c I'm holed up in bed. Sigh. I had ambitions of painting the office while Adam was gone, we'll see if I can muster the strength (and more importantly, narrow down a color!).

Sorry, no pictures to show today, I still have many things to blog, its just been nuts around here as usual. More to come! xo

November 14, 2011

Magnolia Holiday Show THIS Thursday!

Okay Wacoans, Joanna's holiday show is this week! Everyone head over to 1 Carriage Sq on Thursday the 17th from 9am-5:30pm and pick out something fabulous!


November 11, 2011

what are ya'll up to this weekend? (and a sneak peek!)

I feel like I'm almost at the end of my rat race, and I'm not gonna lie, I'm g.i.d.d.y. about it. I often don't go into too much personal stuff on this blog, there is a time and a place and the place is often not here...for any lookie-loo to see/read. It's been a tough week, some hard family news this week has left my heart pretty burdened. Not a great time for a girl who loves her birthday to have her birthday! Thank you to ALL of you who sent cards, emails, phone calls, texts, facebook messages, etc. it was so so appreciated and I felt really cared for and loved. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, God is good all the time.

So, this weekend wraps up the Winn crazy, we are getting our family photos taken (which we do once a year every year). I would much prefer to be behind the lens but I make myself step in front of it yearly and the time is now. I had hoped I would have been more disciplined and been down more than 5lbs but alas, that's where I'm at. Hope they turn out cute! (now, if I could just figure out what we're gonna wear! ay yi yi so unlike me to wait this long to figure it out!!)

Mi casa groups have to help facilitate our church service twice a semester, this weekend is my mi casa's turn so we've got that going on, and a birthday party for sweet little Everett who turns 3! It's going to be a busy weekend but then, the calm comes (before the holiday craziness of course!).

So, that's what's on tap for the Winns, what are ya'll up to this weekend? I'd love to hear all about it!

And now, here is a sneak peek of the ninner. I do a birthday shoot with her every year and I'm pretty darn happy with how this year's turned out! Can't wait to share all my favorites soon! Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! Lots of love from Waco, Texas! xo

**A huge and sincere thank you to all the veterans who serve and have served this country, may you feel honored today. **

November 10, 2011

head on over to Plum!

Read more about why you should here (as if you need a reason!). Happy Thursday! xo


November 9, 2011

Brennan's Unicorn Birthday Party

Brennan decided in.... oh, I don't know.... April (I think) that she wanted a unicorn birthday party. She said she wanted the colors of the party to be pink, yellow, and white, and she wanted a 3 tiered birthday cake. The girl had a vision! It was a fun afternoon of decorating unicorn cookies, making unicorn necklaces and bracelets, coloring unicorns, and playing pin the horn on the unicorn. To quote B "this is the best birthday EVER!" So, I'd say it was a success! Happy 5th birthday my precious girl! xo



























It must be said, I could not have pulled this afternoon off without the help of 2 of my mi casa darlings, Carlee and Casey! Also, I can take no credit for the cake or the unicorn horns, that was all my talented friend Emily. Thanks gals! xo