August 31, 2011

just some photos from Montana

I hardly took any photos the whole time we were in Montana but here are a handful that I took the one day we went to Glacier. It sure was pretty!





I was there too! :)

August 29, 2011

a sweet baby girl...

is being blogged over here today, check it out! xo


August 28, 2011

color or black&white?

I'm editing this fun family session and I came across this image and can't tell how I prefer it. What say you, color or black and white?



August 26, 2011

cutie patootie Sam and his cute parents...

are being blogged over here today! Happy Friday! xo


August 24, 2011

back in the kitchen!

I can't tell you how great it has been to be back in my kitchen cooking! I made some yummy new things last week so I thought I'd share:

This brown sugar and balsamic clow cooked pork is delish! I made extra sauce for dipping/pouring over and I think that was a good move b/c it also helped make it moist for leftovers.

These simply perfect chicken enchilladas are good but I added some black beans and corn to give it more flavor/substance and I think that was a good move.

This creamy chicken avocado salad is so good and so easy that I made it twice! I had enough corn, beans, and cilantro to use for both times and I used the same corn and beans for the enchilladas so I felt like I got the most bang for my buck!

Adam loved all 3 of these newbies so I'm sure they will make their way back into rotation! Enjoy! xo

August 23, 2011

August 22, 2011

San Fran in July

It's an understatement to say that things have been a little crazy around here, which brings me to why I'm only now getting around to sharing a few pics from the couple days we spent in San Francisco last month! We love San Fran and have been fortunate enough to have gone there several times. Each visit is always too short though, and leaves me longing for more! Here are just a few photos of our quick visit. Happy Monday! xo














August 20, 2011

little sleepwalker

Brennan has a unique ability to be 100% coherent (even if she has been totally asleep for however long) when she gets instantly woken up. Even after she's been asleep for hours, if you walk in her room and adjust her a bit or make a noise and she wakes up, she is totally alert and can have a normal conversation with you, its bizarre! One time I peeked in on her, she rolled off her bed and instantly stood up and said (in a totally clear and awake voice) "I'm okay!! It was fun, kinda like a ride!" and then proceeded to crawl back in bed and go right back to sleep! (I didn't know whether to laugh or feel badly for her that she just fell out of bed!). Anyway, fast forward to several days ago, all 3 of us were in a hotel room and in the middle of the night Brennan gets up and starts walking around, Adam says "B, what are you doing?" She seemed a little confused, I can't remember if she answered him or not but then he said "get back in bed, sweetie" and she went and crawled back into bed. Fast forward to the other night, Adam and I are both working on our computers downstairs on the couch watching a movie, (it was around 11:30pm) and we hear B coming down the stairs (keep in mind Brennan NEVER gets out of bed once we put her to sleep). I look at Adam and say "is that B?" We both start to get up b/c I'm getting worried that she could maybe fall down the stairs if she isn't aware she's walking down the stairs (and our stairs are wood...ouch!). Anyway, she comes down and we ask her what she's doing, she doesn't really answer, Adam tells her he loves her and she says "I love you too." I pick her up and take her back to bed and continue to ask her what she needed, what she was doing, etc. and she doesn't really respond. Typically when we ask B about something that happened while she was "asleep" (ie the falling out of bed incident) she totally remembers, well, in the morning Adam and I both asked her if she remembered walking downstairs in the night and she said she didn't remember! I think I have a sleepwalker on my hands!! This is kinda scary for several reasons...I know a lot of kids go through this and then grow out of it but does any one have any suggestions of what to do to keep her from getting hurt in the night? Bells on her door? Also, we have an alarm in our house so if she walks downstairs and we are asleep, the alarm will go off (and undoubtedly give Adam and I a heart attack!). Anyway, just wanted to throw this out there and ask for any suggestions??

August 17, 2011

yesterday was productive!

So I got a lot done yesterday! I thought this would be a blogless week but alas, I have a post up and ready! Head on over here to see more of this cute fam! xo


August 16, 2011

home and playing catch up

After three very long days in the car, we're home! And we're loving it!! Brennan said last night "I don't ever want to leave again, ever ever!" :) Its been a whirlwind so far! We've been sorting through mail from 6 weeks, dealing with car stuff, making appointments, chatting with friends who stop by (love that!), getting mi casa stuff in order to ramp up for the next year (can't wait to see all my babies!!), doing laundry, cleaning my dusty house, grocery shopping and COOKING (I can't tell you how great it feels to be back in my kitchen and eating like a normal person again, I'm not gonna lie, I pretty much gained back everything I lost while gone for 6 weeks! I'm already back at it though and the scale is already starting to come down...ay yi yi, SO glad to be back on the horse!). I can't wait to try and share some recipes this week! (and seriously, thank you to all of you who told me how much you've been trying and enjoying my recipes I'm sharing, that's so awesome!!). Anyhoo, its gonna be crazy around here this week just getting back to real life so the blog might be kinda quiet, BUT I still have a ton of photos to share (work and personal) so keeping checking in!


P.S. here is a sneak peek at one of my favoritist families, more to come!


August 13, 2011

somewhere in northern Texas...

I'm in a hotel room somewhere in very northern Texas after spending two very long days in the car. I'm exhausted, my child is getting on my last nerve, and fast food is definitely leaving something to be desired at this point. Tomorrow we will FINALLY be home after spending 47 days away from home, I literally can.not. wait. to get into my own bed. Sorry for my complaining, its been a week, I may have experienced one of the most terrifying moments of my life in a river in Montana a few days ago, and B has been asking "are we there yet?" about a million times a day so my nerves are a little shot. Anyhoo...lets move on to something much more delightful shall we? Here's a sneak peek of one of my besties and her first born. All together now "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." :)


August 10, 2011

in Montana...

relaxing with good friends, but wanted to share a sneak peek! Hope you are all having a lovely week!!! xo


August 4, 2011

2nd to last leg

Well, we're almost on the home stretch of our journey! We leave today for the second to the last leg of our trip. I'll be M.I.A. for a while due to intermittent internet access, being busy with work, play, and travel. I hope you all have a lovely (early) weekend! Head on over here to see this fun session! xo


August 2, 2011

this is how i feel

More of this little guy and his cute parents to come. :)