October 19, 2011

its just been plain crazy around here!

Whew! It's been a little nuts around here! This past weekend I painted Brennan's bathroom, it still needs 1 more coat so I'm not 100% sure how I feel about it yet but I think I like the color. :) (I really do think picking out paint colors can qualify as torture)

The fair was in town and our friend got us tickets so we took B to the fair on Saturday night, that was fun! Nothing like snow cones, funnel cake, cotton candy, etc. to make you feel awesome about yourself! (of course totally worth it though!)

I went on B's fieldtrip to the news station the other day, the kids ended up being on the news that night! It was so cute, they were asked about their Halloween costumes, etc... B's interview didn't make it on the news but she was on there looking cute!

I'm in full on "go mode" (as I called it last year) with birthday planning in full swing, holiday photo sessions going on, house projects half completed, etc.. I do like feeling like I'm checking things off my list but my list just keeps growing!

Wacoans: Speaking of holiday photos and Halloween, I was talking w/ some friends and wanted to throw an idea out there...I know a lot of moms spend a lot time/planning/sometimes making their kids Halloween costumes. I was thinking of setting up a photo booth in my back yard and offering 5 minute sessions of your kiddos in their Halloween costumes. You would get 1-2 digital images and the cost would be around $15-20 per kid (if you had 3+ kids there would be a discount). Anyhoo, I said I would put this out there and if I got enough response I would do it. So, if you're interested give me a holler (molly@mollywinnphotography.com) and let me know!

What else...oh, recipes! Okay, I've made a couple new things lately, I made this honey balsamic chicken a while ago, my chicken wasn't totally thawed so the texture wasn't quite right, good flavor though and if your chicken is fresh should be just great! I also made these cheesy pretzels the other day, the recipe came from an old cookbook so I can't share it this very moment but they were a tasty snack!

I also made Ina's Lemon Chicken, and the food networks white chicken chili (which I got out of the magazine, maybe the recipe is online?). I didn't love the lemon chicken but I did LOVE the chili, way better than the last recipe I tried and definitely a repeater!

In other exciting news, fall has come to Waco! It's so crazy how quickly the weather changes here! Two days ago it was 90 degrees and now its in the low 70s and our room was cold this morning! Hooray for fall!!

I'm super excited about the house projects that are going on, when they finally get done I promise to share photos! Happy Wednesday! xo

sneak peek of a session I'm working on!

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Kelly said...

I love hearing about life in Texas, especially when life gets busy and our times to chat are fewer than usual. (Fair food is ALWAYS worth it!)