November 29, 2011

on tap for today

So, I bit the bullet, I picked out a paint color for the office...and its DARK. I wanted to try something out of the box for me, something more daring and that would make a bold statement. I figured the office was the place to try something like this in, a smallish room, Adam and I are really the only ones ever in it, its a creative space so it would make sense to take a risk, etc. I've only painted part of one wall to see if I could handle it without sucking my thumb and rocking in a corner and so far, I think I can! I'm such a fan of white/open/airy spaces so this is definitely a risk. Of course I'll share some photos when I'm done, hoping it won't take too long!

We had an impromptu dinner party last night (which really just means some friends were here and ended up staying for dinner), we had T-Day leftovers, they were tasty! I'm glad my fridge has some more space in it and the 5lbs of potatoes I made are going to good use! We have mi casa tonight, I have no clue what we're having for dinner...gotta figure that out.

B went back to school today!! After a week and a half off the girl was ready, and truth be told, so was I! I'm looking forward to getting a lot done today! I still have pumpkin decor all over the house and it wasn't until yesterday that "Happy Thanksgiving!" got erased from the chalkboard! I gotta get into Christmas mode around here!

Okay, those are my ramblings for this fine Tuesday morning! I'll leave you with a sneak peek of this newborn session I'm working on, more of this cutie pie to come! xo


Anonymous said...

Oh, what a BEAUTIFUL baby - can't wait to see more!
Wishing you a day of great accomplishment:)

Carrie said...

Very sweet photo!
Can't wait to see your dark room -- sorta fits for a photographer, no?

Jenny B. said...

I love having one dark room in the house. Feels like a cozy retreat. And B had a week and a half off for thanksgiving!?

Kelly said...

Go you, for going outside your decorating comfort zone. Looking forward to seeing it!

(Darling baby! Love those little fists around the face.)