December 8, 2011

I fell...and it hurt....BAD

Today I totally ate it, big time. I was running and I didn't see a step (a concrete step might I add), and I tripped, went flying, nearly head-on into a metal door. To protect my camera I threw my arm in front of it and landed on my arm in a funky way. My toe is hurting from the run-in with the step, my arm is sore from the rough landing, and my whole body aches from the fast fall. Ugh. Good news is my camera survived unscathed! Whew! I think my body is going to have a hard time getting out of bed tomorrow.

On a less painful note, here is sneak peek of a cute family session I'm working on, more to come! Hope everyone out there has a great weekend! xo



industriouslily said...

Mols, I feel your pain (not literally, sorry!).... I wish I could say that I have never fallen, but that would be lie. So many falls in college that hurt my body and my pride. Well done protecting your camera, though!!! I'll pray that you feel better, friend.

Kemi Winn said...

OUCH!!! So thankful there were no broken bones! I hope you can take some time to rest.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hurt for you just reading it!!! PLEASE take care of yourself.
Very fun place to take a pic - anxious to see the rest:)

Kelly said...

Oh, so ouch! I know the painful falls of photography. Gave myself a black eye one time, all in the name of protecting the ol' camera.

Carrie said...

OUCH! That sounds like my kind of move - except I would have wrecked my camera for sure!
That family shot is awesome! Can't wait to see the rest!

Jen said...

Ok, the title of your post combined with this pic was quite scary. I was picturing a looong fall. Sorry you're hurt & aching. :(