December 14, 2011

I spoke too soon

So yesterday morning I thought I was over the worst of my sickness, I was wrong. About mid afternoon it all of a sudden hit me...AGAIN like a ton of bricks. So, pretty much most of my day was a total waste with very little accomplished. Sigh. My house is a pit, I have laundry stacked high, and little projects just waiting to be completed. I hate being sick!! I'm hopeful today will be a better day.

Here is a favorite of mine from a photo shoot I haven't had time to blog just yet, but I promise, more to come! xo
P.S. We still haven't seen the photos from our photo shoot that we had done over a month ago, so at this point I think its safe to say Christmas cards...not so much.


Kelly said...

Tickles! I adore tickle photos.

Have you contacted the photog about an ETA on your photos??

Anonymous said...

Sounds like maybe today you are on the mend? So sorry you were sick, but take it slow (don't I sound like a mom?)
Cute pic!

Katie said...

How about a New Year's card instead?

Robin said...

Katie said just what I was going to say. We must have a picture of your family and New Years is as good a time as any.