December 7, 2011

more randomness

I just wrote a big ol' blog post and then hit "save." Do you ever do that? Write a letter, blog post, etc. knowing you very well might not send it/post it? Just to get your thoughts out there? I might publish it at some point, just not today. Funny me.

Okay, so yesterday we almost finished painting the office! Who hoo!! I had to stop to make pizza dough for mi casa. Can I just tell you my fears of yeast were confirmed!! I bought SIX packets of yeast just to be sure I would do it right. Here's the deal, I'm aware yeast needs a warm place to rise, my kitchen isn't exactly warm this time of year. When you take a bowl out of my cabinets it is c.o.l.d. So, naturally I ran the bowl under hot water and then did the yeast thing. I could tell it wasn't doing exactly what it should so I called my sis-in-law and she did it on her end in California (thanks Rachel!) so she could send me a pic, tell me how long hers took to respond, etc.. Well, after using all SIX batches, 2ish kinda turned out. I had the bowls of dough rising in the guest room (the warmest room of the house) but I still don't think they got as full as they should have. Sigh. Anyhoo, we put the dough on the grill, and sent one of our mi casa gals to the store to get some store-bought dough as well (to make sure everyone had enough). It worked out okay, it just wasn't exactly what it should have been, still tasty though.

What else...oh, I FINALLY found the per.fect. mirror for my bedroom! It was just what I had in mind for the space so happy birthday to me! I will try and remember to take a pic to post! I love checking things off my list! (esp when I look for an item for a really long time!)

I have to get going, gotta take B into the dr since her UTI is lingering. Poor girl. I hope you all have a great Wednesday! xo

************updated- photos of mirror!***************




Anonymous said...

Oh, poor B. I've been praying for that little girl. Kisses and hugs from doggie grandma.
P.S. Sorry for the pizza fiasco!

Kemi Winn said...

I will be praying for B! Bet it feels so good to have your painting finished -- I know the feeling.

How nice of Rachel to make a batch of pizza dough to show you what it should look like. If your house was warmer, I'm sure it would have turned out perfectly.

Anonymous said...

OHMYGOSH!!!! It looks PERFECT! What a find:)

Jenny B. said...

Look at you and your cute boots!

Wherever we go there we are said...

Hey Molly! Here's a tip for helping your dough rise... turn your oven on to 200 let it get warmed up then turn it off. Put your dough in there to rise. It's warm enough to get the dough to rise, but not to cook it. :O) Maybe that will help next time! debi

industriouslily said...

Love the mirror, love the boots!!!! Praying for B, too. Hugs, Em

Kelly said...

I too was going to suggest to oven proofing technique if your rooms are too cool. Good luck with that next time - homemade pizza - YUM!

LOVE the new mirror. It's perfectly you. :-)

Jen said...

Gorgeous! It is perfectly Molly. I'm so sorry B is sick again. Those da*n UTIs! Hope she's feeling better already.

Carrie said...

Killer mirror - love that you're in the photo for a change too :)