December 20, 2011

The office is painted!

Okay, so I finally took some pics of the office yesterday! I am thrilled with the color, really happy with how the paint job turned out. For interested folks the color I used is called grizzle gray by Sherwin Williams.

Here is the "before" photo (I took this a picture a year and a half ago when we bought the house, apparently I'm really bad at remembering to take actual "before" photos):



canvas photo by Shannon Stewart

Adam and I share the office, my desk is the industrial one, Adam's is the french one. One thing we didn't really take into consideration when thinking of this space was outlets. There aren't really any outlets that are close enough to my desk for my computer to reach. So, needless to say, I don't get much work done in here! Adam uses is all.the.time. though so I'm glad it gets some good use! (yes, we could get an extension cord but it would drag across the whole room, ugh)

I wish we could do away w/ the ceiling fan and put in a cool light fixture but since our home is 100+ years old and has horrible insulation (i.e. none) we really need the fan for the summer months in order to survive the heat. Oh well. One day I want to do away w/ the carpet and put in either white concrete or hardwood floors, that is waaaaaay down the line. The only things left I really need to do in here are to hang my "mwp" hooks (that are laying on the desk) and to get some window treatments. So, its close to being complete! I feel like this year was the year of furniture and painting in the Winn house and next year will be window treatments and light fixtures. Always something! Happy Tuesday all! xo


Anonymous said...

It looks fabulous!!!! Great paint job, Molly and love the color.
Can outlets be added.....Doug????

Anonymous said...

Molly, it is Gorgeous!!! Love the contrast of the dark gray and the white. Makes me want to paint a room a dark color.


Anonymous said...

So cool! I'm painting our den in teh next few weeks, may have to steal your color. That or am thinking a choc. brown w/ a deep autumn orange color accent wall.

Kelly said...

I gasped when I saw it because I absolutely LOVE IT. (Literally gasped - inhalation of breath and everything.)

And the best part is, while not typical Molly-light, this is a perfect Molly-dark color.

{four kings} said...

I LOVE it!!!! Wish I could see it in person! I got your note about paint colors...I will be in touch with some questions...right now I'm leaning towards a color by Sherwin Williams called Sea's two shades lighter than Oyster Bay...will keep you posted :)

Wishing you guys a Merry Christmas!

Carrie said...

Wow! That looks awesome! Totally love it!

Anonymous said...

I love it Molly!!! I would have never thought of using the mattress spring as a memo board! Too cute!!!
Merry Christmas!
Cathy Adams