December 16, 2011

this made me laugh outloud & Seattle in February

Brennan has been asking Adam and I about watching our wedding video for ages now. To be honest, I'm not sure why its taken us so long to get it out for her! Anyhoo, the other day we finally got to it and she was up in her room watching it (which I think is kinda cool:)) and she comes downstairs and says in a why/how didn't I know this kind of tone "hey! you know what?!" (with her hand on her hip), "granddad and grandpa used to have hair!!" Adam and I started busting up laughing, and we said "yes, B, they did used to have hair!" and then she goes on to say "and daddy doesn't have his goat!!!" I'm sure this story is loosing something in the translation but trust me, it was hysterical! I think she felt duped that all this time she didn't realize that her grandpas had hair at one point and she never knew! Made me laugh. So, I guess that's what she got out of watching our wedding video!

In other news, my trip to Seattle is officially booked! (woot woot!) I have one session scheduled while I'm there, I think I could squeeze in one more on Sunday, Feb. 5th if any one is interested. If you want it, email me: molly{at}mollywinnphotography{dot}com and we'll see if we can swing it!

Sorry, no pics today, yesterday was spent running around like a chicken w/ my head cut off - getting gifts shipped, groceries bought, shuttling B to her Christmas program at school (she was a candy cane for part of it and an angel for the other part -cutest thing EVER!). As we were getting ready to go to school she said to Adam "daddy, I don't have stagefrights any more, Jesus took it away." Sweet girl. So all that to say, pics to come another day! Have a fantastic weekend, all! xo


Anonymous said...

I'm laughing out loud as I read this!! I can just SEE her saying that:) Bless her little heart. And I hope you got pics of her school program. All this just makes me wish I didn't live so far away. Be there soon!!!

Kemi Winn said...

VERY FUNNY!!! And I am breathing a sigh of relief that she didn't comment on any "major" changes in her grandmas.
Very eager to see program pictures -- any chance you got it on video? I'm sure she was adorable! So sweet that she gave Jesus the "credit" for taking away her stage fright.

grandma Kemi

Kelly said...

That is hysterical! I am also literally laughing out loud over here. My goodness, that girl - love her!

Anonymous said...

Those stories are definitely keepers.

Robin said...

The light dawns. . . What a great reminder of a child's perspective on life.