December 6, 2011

why is it so hard to be motivated to paint a second coat?

I've done enough painting in the past year and a half that I know how I work. I get super excited to start a project and get it going, and then when I see progress...I tend to loose some steam. Sigh. I have one coat of paint done in the office and one to go, and my motivation to finish has taken the back seat. I'm SO type A so don't get me wrong, this project WILL be done in the near future but the truth is, it should have and could have been done by now. Sigh.

In other randomness, I'm DYING to see our family photos that we had done 3+ weeks ago. Still haven't even gotten a peek and my curiosity is about killing me. Can't wait!

I'm debating not doing Christmas cards this year. I feel like I go through this internal struggle every year and I always end up doing them but this year...I just don't know. I think at the very least I've tossed out the idea of designing my own (which I prefer), I don't know that I want to pour that much energy/time/thought/money into it this year. I'm also thinking about just ordering a handful and not sending out a million (okay not a million but a lot) like I usually do. I do love getting Christmas cards, opening my mailbox each day is like a little treat this time of year, no?

Its starting to get cold here in Waco, the low is 27 degrees tonight! Brrrr!! This Texas skin is quite thin these days and this is just crazy cold! Our bedroom is starting to become a freezer like it has proven to do this time of year. You literally get a chill walking down the hallway as you enter our room (the joys of living in a 100 year old home). :)

Tonight is our last mi casa of the semester, crazy how time flies! My darlings said they wanted to do make-your-own pizzas for dinner so I'm going to make this pizza dough that is specific to grilling the pizza, hope it turns out! My sis -in- law makes it every year on our vacation and its so yummy! (poor Adam has to stand in the cold and grill the pizzas, brr!!) I'm afraid of cooking anything w/ yeast so fingers crossed it turns out!

The end of the year is close at hand so its got me thinking a lot about the "new years goals" I made in January. I don't think there has ever been a year that my goals have been on the forefront of my mind more than this year. I think something about putting them "out there" for the world to read has kept me accountable and motivated (well, for the most part, there were some things I straight up dropped the ball on).

I took B to get her picture taken w/ Santa yesterday. We have done this every year since she was born (b/c my mom made me do it until I was in college thus I plan to torture my child in the same way). Its fun to see how she interacts w/ Santa the older she gets. She happily sat on his lap and told him she wanted a puppy (poor girl) and an American girl doll (poor parents...literally!). I think Santa was worried about this one and gave a sheepish "we'll have to see" -can't blame the guy, talk about setting him up for failure! No dogs will be coming into this house for Christmas! (but B's American girl doll is on its way, shhhh!)

My parents are coming to Texas for Christmas! My dad has never been to Texas and I don't know how many years its been since my parents have spent Christmas away from their house (at least 30, right mom?) so we are super excited to have them! B has already made cards to welcome them and we talk daily about how many more days it is until they get here. I feel like such an adult hosting my parents for Christmas. :) Fun!

Well, this post of randomness is getting a bit long so although I'm sure I could keep going I'll stop here for now. I better scrounge up some gumption and get to painting! Ciao for now! xo

In keeping with randomness, here is a random photo! These photos I took were on display at Joanna's home for her holiday show. If any past/future clients want to order these "stand outs" from their session let me know! I have a couple around my home and I love them! A fun, less expensive, frameless option to canvas!


Anonymous said...

Love the photo display.

Jenny B. said...

let me know how that grilled pizza turns out...always wanted to try something like that, but never had the guts. Sounds delish!

Anonymous said...

Well, I know that 2nd coat will be on before we get there:) Yes, the pizza sounds wonderful...maybe we could try it? And could you please warm it up a bit before we's about that cold here to! Can't wait to see you all:)

Anonymous said...

Molly, PLEASE send a Christmas card this year...I always LOVE getting yours in the mail!!
love and miss you,

Kelly said...

I miss you, Molls. I just do! Wishing we could be chatting about all of these things IN PERSON rather than by blog/skype/phone/fb/etc.

Anonymous said...

I am confused now, you are a great photographer and yet a great fun writer too...I enjoy reading your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

P.S. PLEASE get B a DOG or a sibling! Either or!

Molly W. said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks so much for reading my blog! Just a little more info for ya, my husband is allergic to dogs so that's not going to happen, and for numerous reasons we have decided to not have another child (and I can assure you, B is 110% okay with this decision).B actually asks us to please not have another baby as she prefers being our only one! So, there's that! Thanks again for reading!

Kemi Winn said...

I'm sure that B is counting down every minute until your mom and dad arrive! What a special time that is going to be for all of you.
I'm not surprised that B asked for a puppy for Christmas but I am a bit surprised about the American Girl Doll. She will be thrilled with getting one out of two!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for explaining that. I am from a family of 12 (I am #10) and thought B was lonely and oh so cute! Maybe she can get a dog when she grows up!
Thanks again for letting me enjoy your blog!

Jen said...

Oh sad, no Christmas cards? You always make the cutest ones. But I understand not having the energy/not wanting to spend the dough. I'm getting ours in the mail tomorrow. I'm sure you'll recognize the picture. :)