January 3, 2012

always on the back burner

When Adam and I made the decision to move to Waco, we said we would make it our home for a minimum of 3 years unless the "perfect job" came along. We have purposefully not applied to several jobs that Adam could potentially get b/c in all honestly, we love it here so much that it really wasn't worth it at the end of the day. We sometimes talk about how crazy it would be if our first house ended up being our last house, and how we moved here kinda on a whim, but what if it all actually worked out in the long run? What if Waco, Texas is home for good?! Since we've moved around so much the past 4ish years its weird to think about, but the part of me that has longed to be home loves the idea. Well, the reality is, having a job is important, benefits are important, stability (eh) is nice. So, with that said, every once in a while a "perfect job" comes along and Adam applies. This process is sooooo long that I literally forget most of the time that he's even applied somewhere.

**switching gears**

Incase I don't mention it enough, I loooooooooooove my house, love, in a ridiculous way to love something made of wood, love. I tell myself all the time, its just a thing, it could burn to the ground tomorrow and I shouldn't hold onto an earthly possession so tightly, in the whole grand scheme, it doesn't mean a hill of beans. Thats all true, and I believe that, but just keepin' it real, I love my house! I often say (somewhat jokingly) that I hope/plan to be buried in it. :) Okay, point made yes? Anyhoo..........Adam has applied to a job in Alabama, again, I rarely even think about it. BUT, just for kicks, the other day I looked at housing in Alabama to see whats out there (the thought of leaving my house makes me throw up in my mouth a little) and VERY few houses made my heart skip a beat like mine does BUT, I did come across this beauty:

look at this porch!!

I'm not sure how I feel about these columns...
but I love this old fireplace

I LOVE exposed brick but am not a fan of this small island or these cabinents

look at that awesome staircase!
typical odd bathroom in an old home
another old fireplace and I love those windows!






Anyhoo, if you've been following my blog for a while you know I love to look online at old homes so its not like like I'm gearing up to move...just fun to browse. :) Happy Tuesday, ya'll! xo


Kelly said...

Hugs for many things. For the house-eye-candy and for the prospect of moving and for your love for your home and for 'Bama, which isn't far from several potential internship sites.

Anonymous said...

cute house and you could make any house a home, but must say....I loooooove your house in Waco too! and I know how happy you are there. But I also know if the Lord moves you, you will be content and happy whereever that is.
Happy New Years!!!

Carrie said...

Maybe those columns are only decorative and could be removed? Gorgeous spot and nice to find something of interest I'm sure :)

Jen said...

Yeah, (virtual) house hunting is always fun. I love the house and the deck is awesome. But I would love to see your Waco house before (if) you move anywhere else please! Praying for the very best for you guys.