January 30, 2012

January is almost over!!!

Is anyone else as excited as I am that January is almost done with for the year?!! I'm SO ready for a new month, bring on February! How was your weekend? Mine was very chill. I am still trying to get over this nasty cold but as of yesterday I think I'm finally on the mend!

One of the the questions I get asked a lot (around these here parts) is where is B going to school in the fall? I cringe a little each time I get asked this b/c it seems like an overwhelming choice to make. Adam and I narrowed it down to 2 private schools and are taking time to visit them both and ask lots of questions. Yesterday the 3 of us went and visited one and it was such a pleasant surprise to see a little girl from B's pre-school class also checking out the school with her parents. I would LOVE for B to have a friend before she even shows up! I remember my first day of kindergarten, I knew a gal in the class when I walked in but I was too nervous to go sit by her (so silly!) but I think just seeing her there made me instantly feel better. I felt so old walking into the school as a parent to find out about the quality of the education they offer, (yes, I'm aware I'm not as young as I feel). :) I came home and read booklets on private school tuition, uniforms/dress codes, fund raisers, stats on graduates from the high school (100% are going to college, thought that was pretty impressive!), etc. Ay yi yi, such a big decision! I remember when I was young hearing my mom say they picked our neighborhood b/c of the school district, I never really put much thought into what that really meant until now. Sigh. Sorry for that long-winded whatever that was, I think I'm just processing here on the ol' blog. Anyhoo, enough of my ramblings, head on over HERE to see more of this beauty. Happy Monday! xo



Kelly said...

Being a parent is a huge responsibility; I understand that more and more as B and the other kids around me grow up. (I too thought it was strange that a family might move to a certain location because it was connected to "good schools.") Good luck making the decision and BRING ON FEBRUARY! (Specifically, come on Feb 24!!!)

Jen said...

We are hoping to move soon (need to write a post on that one!) and one of the main factors is the quality of schools, since we can't afford private. It IS strange to think about! I pray that you find the perfect school for sweet B. Need to check out the photo sesh too - she is gorgeous.