January 24, 2012

sorry for the blog lull

I'm not sure what I've been up to but I haven't been blogging! Laaaaame I know. So, lets see what's been going on...

*we went to the most fabulous Star Wars birthday party for B's friend this weekend, SO cute! The mom went all out, each kid had a fun noodle that was made into a light saber, she made pretzel rods into light sabers for the favors, all the food was star wars-themed, the birthday boy and his siblings were all dressed up like star wars folks, she made this planet-type thing for the pinata, huge signs made to look just like the star wars signage, etc.. SO cute!

*we went to our friend's 35th birthday party and that was fun, fun to get a babysitter and hang with adults for an evening of sipping good wine, nibbling delicious cheese, and chatting with good friends.

*Mi Casa started back up last week so tonight will be the second of the semester. We're taking a break from doing dinner and meeting a little later so I'm looking forward to trying some desserts this semester instead. Mixing it up a bit over here!

*B is the "star student" at school this week. So today she got to take 2 show -and- tell items (not too shocking she picked 2 of her doggies). I had to send some photos of her to school, and fill out a questionnaire about her. I always feel kinda bad when they ask about her siblings and her pets...um, skip and skip! Not much to share on those fronts! (she told me again the other day how she really doesn't want a brother or a sister but she would like 1000 dogs).

*The weather here in Waco has been kind of awesome, low 70s, sunny, makes me glad I'm not snowed in like all my friends/family in Washington! Sorry guys! (but I'm sure some of you love it...right?)

* Speaking of Washington, I'm headed up there in 10 days! I'm not looking forward to the traveling aspect but am looking forward to being "home" for a few days and seeing some dear friends.

*I tried this new pasta with peas and ham recipe last week, Adam loved it, I thought it was just okay.

*I've got some little projects around the house I'm hoping to work on in the coming weeks. I really need to hang some stuff on the walls in B's room, I'd love to find a new light fixture for B's bathroom, and the fireplace needs a second coat of paint.

Okay, now I'm just rambling, I'm gonna stop. I hope you all have a lovely rest of your week, some photos of sweet senior girls are a comin'! xo


Anonymous said...

Would "Chaquita" be one of the lucky dogs getting to go to school with B?
Can't wait to have you home even though it will be a quick visit:) Please bring some of that sunshine home with you!

Robin said...

Yay! You're back! I've been checking and only seeing the lemon cupcake. Looking forward to the successful dessert recipes this semester.