February 28, 2012

bathroom update

A while ago I painted Brennan's bathroom but haven't shown photos yet. I finally got around to taking some this week so I thought I'd share the update. When we bought our 100 year old house it had just been "re-done." The seller owned our house for just a couple months as he bought it as a flip. It was great b/c the bathrooms and the kitchen and all been updated so there wasn't much that needed to be done. Really nothing needed to be done but I wanted to make the house my own and wanted to change things here and there. I thought the bathroom looked nice as it was but it looked very masculine to me with the black vanity and dark green paint. Not very feminine for a little girl so the main thing it needed was to be painted. As much as I've agonized over paint colors in this house, I actually only bought a handful of paint colors before deciding. The color I chose was called Pussywillow by Sherwin Williams. I think this light gray is a true gray and that you don't see blue (which is important to me as I'm not at all a blue person). I hung a couple things on the walls and put up a girly shower curtain (from Anthropologie). That's all I've done in here. The 2 things left to do are to get a new light fixture (I hate the one in there right now, looks like planets hanging down) and I still need to get a custom roman shade made. I'm looking for a chandelier to go in here, one that isn't too big, not too small, has nickel finishes rather than brass/gold, not too too feminine but also sweet. That's a long list of criteria! So far I haven't found one that I like enough to take the plunge. Anyhoo, enough chatter, here are the before/after photos.

(as usual I forgot to take real "before" photos, these photos were taken when we bought our house)


(I think its hard to tell a paint color from photos, I think in these pics the paint looks blueish but really, in person, its a true light gray)




Anonymous said...

I've seen both, and I agree. The gray is lovely. I love the size of this bathroom-lots of space, not not too big to clean:)

Kelly said...

What a fantastic gray! I'm taking note...

Jen said...

Love that color. And the shower curtain.