February 23, 2012

Donuts with Dad...er Mom

Its been on the calendar for ohhh, a good month now. This morning was "donuts with dad" at Brennan's school. As you can imagine the kids are super excited to have dad there and had made a special gift for them, etc.. Adam has taken B to school every day, literally, I haven't taken her once this year. This morning of all mornings Adam had to catch a flight to Kansas City at 6am (we just found out the flight time a couple days ago and it couldn't be helped), so yeah, B was the only one in her class who didn't have her dad there. Sad day!! I asked her if she wanted to skip it and she said no, she wanted me to go instead. So, there I was, the only mom and I felt like all the dads were looking at me and B like "so sad, poor girl must not have a dad" or something like that. Of course Adam felt terrible to miss it, he took her on a special date yesterday to try and help make up for it. Oh, and here's another kicker, since I gave up desserts for Lent I couldn't even eat a donut for petesake!

Here's something that was waiting on the table for the dads when they arrived:


COME HOME QUICKLY DADDY!!! We miss you already! xo


Anonymous said...

Sad...but too cute as well!

Anonymous said...

Today of all days for Adam to be gone, that is sad. But you should be honored that she wanted YOU to be with her!


Anonymous said...

PS I Love Adam's "stats" but the picture doesn't quite reflect how tall and thin he is.

Anonymous said...

If that doesn't break your heart! I'll bet it hurt Adam more than B. So glad YOU could be with her!

Anonymous said...

Oh B!!! I love you so much and was so sad that I couldn't be with you on this "donuts with daddy" day. I miss you and your mom already and can't wait to get back to you. I love the stats you gave. And I think you probably got my age right . . . sometimes when you say "thirty" it sounds a bit like "forty" . . . but I always understand!


Anonymous said...

I like what she has in common with her dad. The stats are great.

Katie said...

Ah, that note and picture .. precious! That'll touch Adam's heart, if I know him at all! Brennan loves her daddy. Maybe they could do a special daddy/daughter make-up date at the donut shop when Adam returns?

Meredith said...

1. This is WAY cute.
2. Based on the handwriting I'm going to assume that the teacher filled in the blanks, which makes me sad that he/she doesn't know the difference between "mommies" (many moms) and "mommy's" (something mom possesses).
3. Yes, i realize I'm a grammar snob.
4. I miss you (all) terribly.

industriouslily said...

Ah- a heart-squeezer for sure!! Precious times these are :) I love the note, the stats, the picture, the idea of you sitting there with all those dads- love it all!!!!
Miss you Winns!!!

Kelly said...

I LOVE these child-guesses-at-stats! I remember she was just as close (or not) with yours. B & Adam's relationship is one I love to hear about.