February 16, 2012

not even sure what to title this post

I'm having one of those days were my mind feels all over the road. I feel like I could write a novel and say practically nothing. I have a lot of thoughts and really nothing to say all at the same time...does that make sense? I feel like its kind of been a weird year for me so far. Not too much going on but somewhat busy at the same time. I feel like a rambling paradox already. You know how when you're sitting in church and the pastor says something like "I had a sermon all prepared but then I felt like I should talk about something else so I'm somewhat flying by the seat of my pants here." (Which I always interpret as code for "this is going to be a long, rambling sermon that sounds totally unprepared." {I don't think I've been wrong yet on that count by the way}). :) So lest I do that I think I'll just say that if you think of me send some prayers my way, for direction, clarity, inspiration, hope, and a good attitude to boot! :) Here is a peek of a FUN family with much more to come! xo



Anonymous said...

I will be praying, Molly.


Anonymous said...

As always, praying for you.
Love you,

Jen said...

Done! We need to talk.

Jen said...

*Catch up* is a better way to put it. Is that Jill?

Emily said...

You will be great, Mols! I know what you mean, though....Maybe it is this time in our lives? Anyhoo, I miss you girl!!! Sending you hugs.