February 10, 2012

pot roast & a senior

Last night we had a friend from Oregon spend the night while he was in Texas for a business trip. His wife is an excellent cook so I thought I'd better make a yummy dinner! I tried a new pot roast recipe and it was delish! My 2 cents on the recipe are that I would add the veggies an hour and a half before the roast is done versus the hour the recipe suggests (or maybe just the mushrooms) b/c they weren't quite done enough after only a hour. I didn't use parsnips, I just added more mushrooms, celery, and carrots instead. I forgot to put the fresh parsley on top at the end (even though I did buy it, shoot!), I doubt it would have made a big difference but might have looked nice? Anyhoo, here is the recipe for wine marinated pot roast! I also made one of my favorite go-to desserts but I'll share that recipe another time when I want to hunt down the link (I use it from a cook book).

On a un-related food note, if you want to check out more of this beauty head on over here. Have a great weekend, everyone! xo


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Kelly said...

Gotta love a good potroast! It was a regular on my mom's food menu and while I enjoyed it the first night, what I looked forward to was a sandwich the next day. YUM!

PS. You are ROCKING these senior shoots, my friend. ROCKING!