March 30, 2012

just some Friday randomness for ya

I'm super excited, I'm going to the grocery store today!! This might seem like a ridiculous thing to get excited about but I haven't done "real" grocery shopping in a while and I have bare cupboards and am thrilled to fill them and try some new things this week! Fun!

I stayed away from the computer for several days and my wrist/arm is feeling much better, excited to get back into the swing of things.

Brennan told me yesterday that she was ready for a haircut, I said "like a real haircut?" she said "yes!" Oh man, I've been begging this girl to let me get her hair cut forever! I think in her mind princesses have long hair, and long hair is what is "pretty." Just keeping it real, her hair is p.a.t.h.e.t.i.c. -it is so tangly and stringy and really doesn't grow, etc.. For someone like her, short hair is the way to go and I think she will look SO cute after its cut! So today after school, a new do for my girl is a comin' and I couldn't be more thrilled! Pictures to come!

What else...I think that's about it actually. Our weekend is pretty chill, we have the mi casa olympics on Sunday and I have a shoot tomorrow but that's about it. What are ya'll up to this weekend? Whatever you do, hope its fun! xo

Here are 2 more pics of Josh and Noelle, more to come!


March 29, 2012

sweet peas & snakes

It's been a while since we've had a round of things I'm loving and things I'm not super excited about so I figured, why not today?!

Lets see...

sweet peas:

*The weather! This time of year in Waco might be my favorite, before the HOT summer comes but after the cold(ish) winter, its in the 70s or 80s and just gorgeous!

*Yummy new recipes. I got a new cookbook the other day and I tried my first recipe from it last night, oatmeal cookie pancakes! Delish! (pancakes aren't dessert...I didn't break the rules!) :)

*Senior photography season. I love shooting seniors, its kinda my favorite and although its coming to an end (boo!) I am enjoying every last second (and senior!) I have left!

*Mi Casa olympics this weekend, HOLLA!!!

*Easter is almost here! I really love Easter just for what the day is really about, but the fact that my dessert ban will be lifted...its an added bonus this year. :)

*My sweet girl...just because.


*Carpal tunnel syndrome...need I say more?

*Quarterly business taxes!! Is it me or does it seem like they are ALWAYS due?!!

*The pile of laundry waiting to be put away. I realize this is a first world problem and wah to me but seriously, I wish I could snap my fingers like Mary Poppins and watch it fly into the drawers!
*Finding out that my escrow payment is increasing $200 a MONTH!! What the ?$%#@%^#?!!

*Being weak and cheating on my no-dessert-until-Easter deal. Sigh.

*Waiting to hear about jobs! I just want to know already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And b/c posts are better w/ photos here's a peek of an upcoming senior!

March 28, 2012

olympics practice and 1 of 3

The mi casa olympics are this weekend, the rules/events, etc. are different this year. This year each mi casa had to come up with an event for everyone to compete in that that mi casa would then judge. Since our mi casa has a thing for unicorns (due to B's fascination with them) we came up with a unicorn ring toss, and of course our t-shirts this year have something to do w/ unicorns. :) A game that another mi casa came up with was to sit on the ground with your hands behind you, someone puts an oreo cookie on your forehead and without using anything but your face movements you have to move the oreo into your mouth! Last night at mi casa we decided we should practice this so we can (hopefully) dominate the event in the olympics this weekend! It was h.y.s.t.e.r.i.c.a.l. watching everyone do this last night, its tricky!! I snapped a few pics of the practice.

In other news, Adam heard from the school he applied to, he's officially made it to the next round so he's gone from being 1 of 6 to 1 of 3. So, we wait some more! Thanks for your prayers! xo



March 26, 2012

self-diagnoised cts & a peek

Many moons ago I worked for an insurance company paying disability claims, it was one of the hardest jobs I've ever had (for numerous reasons) but that's not where I'm going with this story. Needless to say I had many claimants who suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome and who had surgery to get some relief. Well, years later I'm pretty darn sure I now have carpal tunnel syndrome only I have no professional diagnosis, just years of experience in talking with people who suffered from it, reading doctors reports, surgery reports, medical records, etc... And all that to say -it hurts!! For over a year now I've been pretty sure I have it, flare ups come and go and its just part of my life I guess. And all that to say, I've been dealing with a flare up the past week and so have been trying very hard to avoid the computer, to not edit photos, not shoot too much, and to just generally give my right arm a rest. This is hard to do! I see the work piling up, I want clients to get their photos as soon as possible, etc.. but I need to take care of myself. Its a good reminder, a good reminder to rest, breath, take a break, step away from the computer, and to just be. So, without any more rambling, here is a peek of a session, not too much more to show any time soon b/c I haven't been working but...more to come! xo


March 23, 2012

a little Bible study for ya

I'm in the middle of a 2 month Bible study right now at a local church, we're studying the book of Ruth. We are going through the Bible story of Ruth but also reading a book that a gal wrote on her study of Ruth. This morning I was doing my homework and a paragraph really struck me so I thought I'd share:

"I have to ask myself how I can possibly expect to know Jesus as he would want to be known if my life remains unscathed by trouble and grief. How can I hope to grasp anything of God's heart for this broken planet if I never weep because its brokenness touches me and breaks my heart? How can I reflect his image if I never share in his sufferings? And how will any of us ever learn to treasure his hesed and grace if we never experience phases where these blessings seem absent? I wish I could learn these lessons vicariously, but I'm afraid this isn't the norm for any of us. Without knowing suffering and confusion firsthand, we're stuck in the superficial and we cannot know, much less express, the heart of Christ for others."

{from the book "The Gospel of Ruth, Loving God Enough to Break the Rules by: Carolyn Custis James}

So often the question is asked "if God exists why did this (insert bad thing) happen?" etc. etc. I think this paragraph does a good job of answering this question. I've been a Christ follower for as long as I can remember, I've logged many hours in church pews and have sat through and led numerous Bible Studies. This isn't "new" information to me per se but it is a great reminder. We are created for so much more than we even realize, God uses our hurts for his purpose, they aren't in vain. My sufferings don't even compare to those of most of the world but I have them, and I too am left contemplating the point/reason. I may never know this side of heaven but I believe there is a point and that it will be used for good. So thankful for this hope. If someone out there reading this is needing some hope this morning, I hope you found it here. You aren't alone, even in the dark place you may find yourself. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and relish in the hope of this beautiful day that He created! xo

March 22, 2012

this sweet senior... being blogged over HERE today! xo


March 21, 2012

hey there!

I'm not even sure what I've been up to but I feel like I've been busy. Lets see...

St. Patrick's Day was a success! I was in the kitchen for a day and a half this year versus the 3 days last year -much better! I think everyone had a great time and I thought the food turned out pretty darn good! I mainly used the same recipes from last year, just not as many of them! And I tried a new topping recipe to add to the guinness chocolate cake that was in my food magazine, it was tasty! Fun day

The weather here in Waco has been plain crazy! It went from being nice, sunny, and warm to the LOUDEST thunder/lightening storm! Ohmyword, the whole house shakes and lights up -its insane! Needless to say, Adam and I didn't get any sleep the other night so I've been making up for it ever since! (until I moved to Texas I had never experienced a storm so loud in my life -they are unreal!!)

Still no news on the job front for Adam...we wait and try to be patient. Sigh. Adam did spring on me the other day that if we stay here another year we might need to put Europe back on the table as the job opportunities there are more........ fair (for lack of a better way to say it). Lets just say in the good ol' US of A schools aren't super excited to hire white men with Phds (they tend to be a dime a dozen) but in Europe, they care about how qualified you are for the position, period. So, again, we wait and see...can't imagine making the move back to Europe but I guess anything is possible!

This morning (a few minutes ago in fact) Brennan walked into my room carrying a bowl of cereal with no milk in it and said "I brought you breakfast in bed!" Cutie. :)

Okay, well, I think that's all for my ramblings this morning, hope everyone has a great day! Here is a peek from a wedding I photographed recently, lots of editing to do but a full post is coming! xo


March 19, 2012

Magnoila Spring Show ~ March 22nd & 23rd!!

Joanna's Spring show is this Thursday and Friday! Thursday from 9am-5:30pm and Friday from 9am-1pm. Come on, come all~ Hope to see you there!

Location: 1 Carriage Sq Waco, TX


March 16, 2012

just some stuff

So the cheesecake recipe I mentioned in the post below was awe.some. if I do say so myself! (and I don't think that's just the dessert deprivation talking!) If you like rich chocolaty goodness I'd definitely recommend it.

St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow!! Who hoo!! If you've been reading this blog for a while you know my little family lived in Ireland for a year so St. Patty's has taken on a new meaning the past few years. We're having a dinner party so I've got my work cut out for me the next 2 days! I've simplified things this year though, last year was a bit too much in terms of the menu so this year, its getting parred down but should still be tasty and fun!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and that you wear green tomorrow in honor of the Irish!

Sneak peek of a senior, more to come! xo


March 13, 2012

its spring break round these here parts

Yesterday kicked off spring break for us. Baylor is on break, Adam's school is on break, B is on break-who hoo! Living in a college town, its so obvious when school isn't in session, I always miss the hustle and bustle of college students during breaks/summer. Our church was a ghost town on Sunday w/ all the students gone, and of course, no mi casa tonight - sad! But, a break is good, Adam and I have both been looking forward to this week. We aren't going anywhere or doing anything exciting but I am bound and determined to check some items off my to-do list.

Yesterday we went to a couple stores to ask questions/try on new glasses/frames for Adam. I've seen several blog posts lately about buying glasses online, they are much cheaper that way -anyone have any experience/thoughts on buying glasses online? Then we took B to the park and had leftovers for dinner, very chill and relaxing day.

This week B has some play dates scheduled which also means some play time for me and Adam! We're thinking of going to a movie or out to lunch or something just the two of us. Yay!

We're invited to our friends house for dinner tomorrow, I'm making dessert. For Lent I gave up dessert but you are allowed to "cheat" every Sunday. Its the whole reminder of death/resurrection by partaking in that which you've given up once a week. I didn't "cheat" on Sunday, I was saving it incase something came up. So, I will be trying this new recipe and I admit, I can.not. wait to taste it!! I MISS DESSERT!!

I got B her Easter dress the other day. I can't wait to see it on her, I love that its a break from pink, its green! (although last year she wore white...I dunno, I was just glad it wasn't pink, nice to change things up a bit).

Is anyone else taking advantage of the a-maz-ing deals at Gap these days?! 40% off is just plain awesome if you ask me!

We did it, we officially registered B for school for the fall! We clearly don't know if we'll still be living here then but, we have to live like we are so, private, Catholic school it is for B! Adam and I feel really good about our decision, the school is seconds from our house and she has 2 friends that will be with her, what a load off! Now, let the private tuition bills begin...ugh and ay yi yi. (there aren't nuns teaching the classes just a fyi) :)

I'm photographing a senior today, I love my job, so even though its spring break I'm happy to go to work. :)

Well, I think that's all I got today. I hope ya'll are enjoying your week, whether you're on spring break or not! And b/c posts are just more fun w/ photos, here is a random pic from a project I'm working on w/ Joanna. Happy Tuesday! xo


March 12, 2012

virtual house hunting

If I know moving is a possibility its hard not to at least look at housing. As I've said before, the thought of selling my house makes me want to cry but life is full of change isn't it? (I hate change!) So, anyhoo, I came across this beauty, the bones are great and the wood looks like its in excellent condition but oh my land do the walls need some paint! It needs some serious updating on the inside but I think its got loads of potential. Whatdoyathink?












March 6, 2012

the tippy top

So I think the tippy top is the last of the home tour! I'm one who likes to give credit where credit is due and I can take no credit for the tippy top. The tippy top was done when we bought the house and it was such a surprise to Adam and I! When you walk into the master bedroom there is a stairwell that leads to the third floor which has been converted from an attic to a master bathroom/sitting room/walk-in closet. Next to the kitchen this is probably my favorite spot in the house. Brennan started calling it "the tippy top" shortly after we moved in, and now, that's what everyone calls it. Our friends will come over and be like "I called you but you didn't answer, were you in the tippy top?" So funny. I took these photos the other day, and just this weekend I bought an old chippy painted trunk to act as a coffee table for the couch so the pictures are already missing something but I was too lazy to take more just b/c of that. So, without further ado, here's the tippy top!








March 2, 2012

Happy Texas Independence Day!

Hope you all have a great weekend ahead! We don't have too much in store this weekend, should be pretty chill which I'm very okay with. If you are wanting to try out a TASTY chicken recipe, last night I made these sweet and sticky chicken wings and they were a big hit! (I don't really eat chicken on a bone if I can help it but I did try them and they were delish!). Adam and B loved them so I'm sure I will make these again (and next time add some chicken tenders to the wings just for me!).

I think that's all I have for today, hugs from Waco! xo

March 1, 2012

Texas Independence Day & ramblings

I've lived in Texas a year and a half, I don't know that I can technically call myself a Texan yet (not sure when that really happens but a year and a half just doesn't seem long enough, does it?), but anyway, I just found out that March 2nd is Texas Independence Day and I think I should celebrate! On this day 176 years ago the Republic of Texas was born, who knew?! (well, not me!). I can't eat dessert for another 30+ days so there goes any ideas of a Texas sheet cake, maybe I'll eat some brisket and do some square dancing instead? I still haven't made the conversion to cowboy boots...maybe one day. Ahh Texas, I kind of love you.

I'm tired today! Last night I drove to/from Dallas to go to a photography workshop and I got home late and it was an early morning getting B out the door. Today is one of those days I'd like to crawl back into bed for a couple more hours.

It just started getting warm here in Waco, its supposed to be 79 degrees today! Its so crazy to me how it goes from being cold, to warm in like a day. Bring on the spring!!

2 nights ago I tried a new recipe, it was a rustic bread/eggplant lasagna type dish. The gal raved about it so I thought I'd give it a whirl. B wasn't a fan, Adam and I just thought it was okay. I have a vegetarian neighbor/friend who I think would really like it so I'm gifting her the leftovers....there are a lot of them, it was a big dish.

I didn't really go over my new years goals on the ol' blog this year, I am keeping w/ my last years goal of trying new dishes on a regular basis, so far so good!

Okay, so, the big news of the day is that Adam has an interview today. He is currently one of six candidates, if he makes it past this round he will be one of three. Prayers would be appreciated. The process for hiring a professor is long and nerve wracking, we've been down this road many times and its tough, to even make it this far is a big deal. As always, we're trusting the Lord with this one, we'll keep you posted if there is news to share!

Hope ya'll have a great day and if you feel like celebrating the great state of Texas tomorrow, Ye-haw and giddy up! xo