March 21, 2012

hey there!

I'm not even sure what I've been up to but I feel like I've been busy. Lets see...

St. Patrick's Day was a success! I was in the kitchen for a day and a half this year versus the 3 days last year -much better! I think everyone had a great time and I thought the food turned out pretty darn good! I mainly used the same recipes from last year, just not as many of them! And I tried a new topping recipe to add to the guinness chocolate cake that was in my food magazine, it was tasty! Fun day

The weather here in Waco has been plain crazy! It went from being nice, sunny, and warm to the LOUDEST thunder/lightening storm! Ohmyword, the whole house shakes and lights up -its insane! Needless to say, Adam and I didn't get any sleep the other night so I've been making up for it ever since! (until I moved to Texas I had never experienced a storm so loud in my life -they are unreal!!)

Still no news on the job front for Adam...we wait and try to be patient. Sigh. Adam did spring on me the other day that if we stay here another year we might need to put Europe back on the table as the job opportunities there are more........ fair (for lack of a better way to say it). Lets just say in the good ol' US of A schools aren't super excited to hire white men with Phds (they tend to be a dime a dozen) but in Europe, they care about how qualified you are for the position, period. So, again, we wait and see...can't imagine making the move back to Europe but I guess anything is possible!

This morning (a few minutes ago in fact) Brennan walked into my room carrying a bowl of cereal with no milk in it and said "I brought you breakfast in bed!" Cutie. :)

Okay, well, I think that's all for my ramblings this morning, hope everyone has a great day! Here is a peek from a wedding I photographed recently, lots of editing to do but a full post is coming! xo



Anonymous said...

I remember the thunder when we were in Austin and I thought THAT was bad...just thankful your house is still standing and you guys are ok.
Glad your party was a success...had no doubt!
Europe is tooooooo far:(
and Brennan is the sweetest, most precious little girl.
Thankful the storm waited until AFTER the wedding -

Jenny B. said...

I never knew that I really liked thunderstorms until we lived in Michigan. I missed Texas storms...there's nothing else like them!
Oh, and I hope you don't move, but it would be cool following your blog in Europe!

Jen said...

Wow, Europe back on the table huh? I think that's exciting but I'm sure you have very mixed feelings about it. Hang in there, I'm still praying for the perfect job for Adam. :)

Kelly said...

I have also experienced the thunderstorms in the South & the Midwest to be the craziest ever. And fast-arriving, too! The other day I was downtown and heard what sounded like thunder but all I could see were blue skies around me. I walked into a store for maybe 20 minutes and came out and it was pouring rain, thunder & lightening. I suppose the tall buildings I couldn't see past were hiding the storm, but still! Crazy. And LOUD.

Europe...a challenge of its own but you know me, I would be incredibly excited for that to be an option. Gives me a really good excuse to resume trans-Atlantic traveling. :-)