March 13, 2012

its spring break round these here parts

Yesterday kicked off spring break for us. Baylor is on break, Adam's school is on break, B is on break-who hoo! Living in a college town, its so obvious when school isn't in session, I always miss the hustle and bustle of college students during breaks/summer. Our church was a ghost town on Sunday w/ all the students gone, and of course, no mi casa tonight - sad! But, a break is good, Adam and I have both been looking forward to this week. We aren't going anywhere or doing anything exciting but I am bound and determined to check some items off my to-do list.

Yesterday we went to a couple stores to ask questions/try on new glasses/frames for Adam. I've seen several blog posts lately about buying glasses online, they are much cheaper that way -anyone have any experience/thoughts on buying glasses online? Then we took B to the park and had leftovers for dinner, very chill and relaxing day.

This week B has some play dates scheduled which also means some play time for me and Adam! We're thinking of going to a movie or out to lunch or something just the two of us. Yay!

We're invited to our friends house for dinner tomorrow, I'm making dessert. For Lent I gave up dessert but you are allowed to "cheat" every Sunday. Its the whole reminder of death/resurrection by partaking in that which you've given up once a week. I didn't "cheat" on Sunday, I was saving it incase something came up. So, I will be trying this new recipe and I admit, I can.not. wait to taste it!! I MISS DESSERT!!

I got B her Easter dress the other day. I can't wait to see it on her, I love that its a break from pink, its green! (although last year she wore white...I dunno, I was just glad it wasn't pink, nice to change things up a bit).

Is anyone else taking advantage of the a-maz-ing deals at Gap these days?! 40% off is just plain awesome if you ask me!

We did it, we officially registered B for school for the fall! We clearly don't know if we'll still be living here then but, we have to live like we are so, private, Catholic school it is for B! Adam and I feel really good about our decision, the school is seconds from our house and she has 2 friends that will be with her, what a load off! Now, let the private tuition bills begin...ugh and ay yi yi. (there aren't nuns teaching the classes just a fyi) :)

I'm photographing a senior today, I love my job, so even though its spring break I'm happy to go to work. :)

Well, I think that's all I got today. I hope ya'll are enjoying your week, whether you're on spring break or not! And b/c posts are just more fun w/ photos, here is a random pic from a project I'm working on w/ Joanna. Happy Tuesday! xo



Anonymous said...

Have a fun spring break! - hope you have better weather than we are (snow!!!).
Can't wait to see pics of B in her new Easter dress:) and this dessert looks FABULOUS!
P.S. I remember those "cheat" days during Lent we used to call "Feast" days:)

Katie said...

Am going to look at that 40% off Gap deal right now! :) Happy Spring Break!

Jen said...

Yay for spring break, dessert, and B wearing a cute little Catholic school uniform! (Does she get to wear one?...) Love the tea cups.