March 28, 2012

olympics practice and 1 of 3

The mi casa olympics are this weekend, the rules/events, etc. are different this year. This year each mi casa had to come up with an event for everyone to compete in that that mi casa would then judge. Since our mi casa has a thing for unicorns (due to B's fascination with them) we came up with a unicorn ring toss, and of course our t-shirts this year have something to do w/ unicorns. :) A game that another mi casa came up with was to sit on the ground with your hands behind you, someone puts an oreo cookie on your forehead and without using anything but your face movements you have to move the oreo into your mouth! Last night at mi casa we decided we should practice this so we can (hopefully) dominate the event in the olympics this weekend! It was h.y.s.t.e.r.i.c.a.l. watching everyone do this last night, its tricky!! I snapped a few pics of the practice.

In other news, Adam heard from the school he applied to, he's officially made it to the next round so he's gone from being 1 of 6 to 1 of 3. So, we wait some more! Thanks for your prayers! xo




Anonymous said...

Last years Olympics was so much fun. Wish I could join in again this year! Eager to see your unicorn shirts for this year -- I still have the one from last year. B really started something!


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if anyone was successful last night? Yum:)
Last year's shirts would be tough to beat, so can't wait to see this year's design! Go unicorns!!!

Katie said...

1 of 3! Wow! Keep us updated.

Carrie said...

Congrats to Adam (& You!) on being 1 of 3! I know what a huge deal that is!! Woo-hoo!