March 26, 2012

self-diagnoised cts & a peek

Many moons ago I worked for an insurance company paying disability claims, it was one of the hardest jobs I've ever had (for numerous reasons) but that's not where I'm going with this story. Needless to say I had many claimants who suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome and who had surgery to get some relief. Well, years later I'm pretty darn sure I now have carpal tunnel syndrome only I have no professional diagnosis, just years of experience in talking with people who suffered from it, reading doctors reports, surgery reports, medical records, etc... And all that to say -it hurts!! For over a year now I've been pretty sure I have it, flare ups come and go and its just part of my life I guess. And all that to say, I've been dealing with a flare up the past week and so have been trying very hard to avoid the computer, to not edit photos, not shoot too much, and to just generally give my right arm a rest. This is hard to do! I see the work piling up, I want clients to get their photos as soon as possible, etc.. but I need to take care of myself. Its a good reminder, a good reminder to rest, breath, take a break, step away from the computer, and to just be. So, without any more rambling, here is a peek of a session, not too much more to show any time soon b/c I haven't been working but...more to come! xo



Anonymous said...

Very sweet picture. I love her dress!

Sorry about the carpal tunnel flare ups. They are SO uncomfortable and limiting!


Kelly said...

This image has such a dreamy quality to it - lovely!

Hoping you are able to take the time you need to rest your wrist. Gotta protect the money-maker! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, what a sweet picture and the color of that pretty dress is perfect for her beautiful hair color:)

Carrie said...

Sorry to hear about your CTS Mols! That stinks :-(
I hope you're able to do something lovely and relaxing with your time away from the computer :) ... and that you're not in too much pain to enjoy it!