March 29, 2012

sweet peas & snakes

It's been a while since we've had a round of things I'm loving and things I'm not super excited about so I figured, why not today?!

Lets see...

sweet peas:

*The weather! This time of year in Waco might be my favorite, before the HOT summer comes but after the cold(ish) winter, its in the 70s or 80s and just gorgeous!

*Yummy new recipes. I got a new cookbook the other day and I tried my first recipe from it last night, oatmeal cookie pancakes! Delish! (pancakes aren't dessert...I didn't break the rules!) :)

*Senior photography season. I love shooting seniors, its kinda my favorite and although its coming to an end (boo!) I am enjoying every last second (and senior!) I have left!

*Mi Casa olympics this weekend, HOLLA!!!

*Easter is almost here! I really love Easter just for what the day is really about, but the fact that my dessert ban will be lifted...its an added bonus this year. :)

*My sweet girl...just because.


*Carpal tunnel syndrome...need I say more?

*Quarterly business taxes!! Is it me or does it seem like they are ALWAYS due?!!

*The pile of laundry waiting to be put away. I realize this is a first world problem and wah to me but seriously, I wish I could snap my fingers like Mary Poppins and watch it fly into the drawers!
*Finding out that my escrow payment is increasing $200 a MONTH!! What the ?$%#@%^#?!!

*Being weak and cheating on my no-dessert-until-Easter deal. Sigh.

*Waiting to hear about jobs! I just want to know already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And b/c posts are better w/ photos here's a peek of an upcoming senior!


Anonymous said...

I confess as I look out my window to be jealous of your weather....however, not for long!
Seems like sweet peas outnumber the snakes, but I thought of a snake you didn't mention...has to do with sheets?
Love you!

Kelly said...

Your consumption of pancakes - not dessert! - is yet another reason why I know we are kindred spirits. :-)