April 30, 2012

hodge podge

Hope everyone had a good weekend! For some random reason I haven't been able to move my neck for about 4 days, I think I'm finally on the mend. I've been taking meds/using icy hot patches/bengay cream, etc. non-stop and I think I'm finally making the turn. So painful!

We have my in-laws coming into town this week (yay!) and my house is a mess (which happens when you don't do anything due to a sore neck) so I've got my work cut out for me the next few days! I'm going to try a couple new recipes for my father-in-law's bday, a skirt steak recipe I cut out of a magazine, and a 6 layer salted chocolate carmel cake recipe that I also cut out of a magazine, hope they turn out!

I tried this brisket recipe the other day and tonight I'm trying these taco stuffed shells. The brisket was so easy and so delish so you gotta try it if you like brisket, I'll let you know how the taco shells go!

Tomorrow is our last mi casa of the semester...sad! Where does the time go?!! My babies are going to be juniors -what?!!!!! I swear they were just timid freshman 2 seconds ago!! The other day one of my girlies was saying she wanted to get me a "Baylor Mom" bumper sticker for my car....I'm too young for that!! But I do love these guys and am sad they are leaving for the summer already! Sniff.

I think summer has officially come to Waco. Its starting to creep to the high 80s and low 90s, we're in for a LONG hot summer already! Speaking of summer, I'm working on my summer travel schedule for Washington/Oregon photo shoots so if you're interested check back for that info or shoot me an email! I can tell you that all sessions will take place in July -that much I know!

Okay, I think that's all the randomness I have for today. Sorry no photos but I literally have hardly moved for days, neck pain is no good. More to come! xo


Anonymous said...

You've got my mouth watering for Doug's birthday dinner!!!!

I am so sorry about your neck -- Please take it easy! I would be more than happy do do any cleaning that you want done.

Soooooo excited to see you!

Love, Kemi

Anonymous said...

So glad you think you're on the mend. Might have to try the flank steak and chocolate cake recipes:)
And please take Kemi's advice. You want to feel good and enjoy their stay...I'm jealous, Kemi.

Autumn said...

We'll definitely be needing some family pics when you're in OR. We don't have any good pictures of our family of four! Can't wait to see you guys this summer.

Jen said...

Um, yeah, you had me at salted chocolate caramel cake. I'm drooling! I will have to try the brisket for Bill or maybe Father's Day. Sorry to hear about your neck. Ouch! I get random aches & pains now and it makes me feel old. I CANNOT wait until July. Come home already! Aren't you already melting in the heat? ;)