April 6, 2012

lets see...

I really meant to have taken some pics of B's new haircut by now but it hasn't happened. BUT, Easter is in 2 days and of course I'm gonna snap a few of her in her new Easter dress so pics coming soon, grandmas!

This week we've gone to the kids museum, done a little shopping, gotten some frozen yogurt (I'm not gonna lie, the first couple weeks of Lent I was pretty hard-core w/ the no dessert thing, these past couple weeks I've been plain awful. Sigh. I'm weak.), got our nails done, and we're thinking today we might hit up the zoo. The weather in Waco is so nice right now, loving the sunshine and 70-80 degree weather!

Tomorrow is our church Easter egg hunt...B always looks so cute filling her basket as fast as she can. She has been asking for DAYS (if not weeks now) how many more days until Easter, I'd like to think its b/c she can't wait to celebrate the rising of our savior but I think she's just eager to wear her new dress and eat chocolate bunnies. :) Last night we were at church for our Maundy Thursday service/potluck, I made these chicken and cheese taquitos, they were delish! I've shared this recipe before but if you haven't tried it you should, so easy and so tasty!

This is random but for mi casa this week we met up with a couple other mi casas at church and cheered on the Lady Bears to their 40-0 victory and national championship status!! HOLLA!! Sic em bears!!! (its fun to live in a college town especially when the sports teams are doing SO well!)

I haven't had much of a chance to get work done this week so no new blog post but b/c I prefer posts w/ photos, here's another sneak peek of Josh and Noelle. :) Have a great weekend everyone, and happy Easter!!! xo



Anonymous said...

We watched the Bears too! What an amazing team:)
Can't wait to see the Easter pics and lots of shots of Brennan's new cute haircut!
Happy Easter - He is Risen!!!

Emily said...

Mols! Where is this haircut- the hints and allusions are too much :) Happy Easter, friend- I hope you are filled with His love and blessings (and some good deserts!). Love, Ems