April 12, 2012

my latest obsession

I think I'm getting sick. I hardly ever get sick so I guess I'm due but you know when you get that feeling in your throat and you're pretty sure somethings coming? That's where I'm at today. We're having neighbors over for dinner tonight, we don't know them super well so I look forward to getting to know them better! I think I'm gonna make my Italian beef drip sandwiches that I've referenced before - sooo good and simple.

So, I'm about to share something with you that could potentially change your life. Well, its changed mine. :) Over this past year I've become slightly obsessed with salted carmel. I think the combination of salty and sweet is about the best.thing.ever. My mom has graciously fed my addiction by sending them in my Easter basket, having them for my on my nightstand when I come home for a visit, etc.. they never disappoint. Well, nowadays I feel like everywhere I turn there are salted carmel recipes -and I must try them all!!! For mi casa on Tuesday I tried these salted carmel shortbread bars and oh.my.gosh. they were some of the best things my mouth has ever tasted!!!! Seriously, make them NOW and you're welcome in advance. :)

In another randomness, I bit the bullet and ordered Adam some glasses online...they should be arriving any day...I'm slightly nervous, hope we did it right! Getting out my ruler and measuring his pupilary distance seemed a bit dodgy at best. Fingers crossed!

So Adam said he thought his interview went well! He said he felt good about it and everyone was super nice so now we wait. I asked him to drive around the town and scout out some of the houses I'm intrigued by, some he said were in sketchy parts of town and some were great so...we'll see. I think we both agree the waiting is the hardest part. The other night while Adam was gone I was putting B to bed and saying prayers and she whispered "pray daddy doesn't get the job" -cracked me up! Seemed bad form to pray against him during an interview but I said "how about we just pray for God's best for us?" Sweet girl. She's like her mama, doesn't like change!

Well, this post is getting long and rambly (I don't think thats a word but you know what I mean). :) Here is a peek of a lovely senior with more to come! xo



Kelly said...

I literally laughed out loud at the thought of B praying that you won't move - she is YOUR daughter, of that there is no doubt. :-)

(And as always, i am reminded why we are friends: those shortbread bars have been in my "RECIPES: MAKE NOW" bookmark folder.)

Robin said...

Hope you don't get sick! Your post is so genuine, Molly. I love to read your thoughts and I miss you. The salted caramel recipe looks fabulous..... with 4 sticks of butter in it, I'll have to stock up!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I do hope you are not getting sick! Also hope Adam's glasses are perfect -- I didn't even know you could do something like that on line!

Cute picture. I'm beginning to get the idea that cowboy (or is it cowgirl) boots go with everything in Texas.

The salted caramel shortbread brownie recipe is so tempting. Think I'll try it this weekend.


Jenny B. said...

Have you had Haagen das salted caramel truffle ice cream?!?! OMG. It is SO good.

Jen said...

Oh noo! Hope you can fight off the cold. Airborne baby! The suspense is killing me with Adam's job. I will also pray for God's best for you. Love you.

Brooke Scott said...

Dude! I love the Italian sandwiches (but I make it as just a pot roast)!! It is now a staple for our family. And salted caramel, so my favorite! People used to think I was crazy. Does your mom send you the ones that they sell at Tacoma Boys and Harbor Greens; wrapped in green or blue, from Montana? If not, then I will have to send you some to try, they are THE BEST!!
**PS Prayers for Adam's new job. One of these days I'll have share all the craziness happening here.