April 5, 2012

spring break now Easter break?!

So Brennan just had spring break a couple weeks ago and know she is off school for a week for Easter break?!! What the heck?! I remember when I was a kid my mom commenting about how it seemed like I was out of school more than I was in school due to all the breaks we had. As a kid I thought this comment was ludicrous, now, I realize she may have been onto something! Good grief, breaks!

Anyhoo...not much work will be getting done this week but oh well. I've tried some new recipes that I think are worth a go so here are the links to orange and white chocolate muffins, and cheddar corn chowder. I halved the corn chowder recipe and it still made enough for an army so maybe a good company dinner? And if you love bacon like my family does, you might want to make a bit more for garnish b/c it goes fast!

Adam will be heading to east Texas this weekend for his on-campus interview next week, as always, prayers are appreciated! Have a great day! xo

Sneak Peek, more to come!


Kelly said...

Love me some corn chowder, so I'll be checking that out. Given that I'm still a student (UGH!), I love breaks, so I'm on B's side with this one. :-)

Cool shot! Your black & whites are on fire.

Anonymous said...

I have a cheddar corn chowder recipe that I love, but yours looks much more interesting...must try!
Ahhhh, but don't you just LOVE hanging out with B?
Darling pic, as always!!!

Jenny B. said...

East Texas?? Well, if things work out that way, maybe you and I will have to meet up in Canton again and flea market together!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I definitely think the breaks increased during your generation. They were mighty scarce when your mom and I were growing up -- at least that's the way I remember it. The thing I loved about breaks was the relaxing mornings and evenings with no homework to monitor.

Still eagerly awaiting a picture of B with her new "do"


Anonymous said...

Oh Molly! I wish Santa Barbara and Waco were closer to each other!! I LOVE the great preggo pic and WISH that you could take some oics of my HUGE belly before this babe comes...just don't think a trip to Texas is going to happen in the next 2.5 weeks!! Love you!!!