April 26, 2012

yummy chicken and a sweet senior

I try lots of new recipes but I would say many of them don't make a lasting impression on me. Don't get me wrong, most of them are tasty but every once in a while I try something and I'm like "YES! This will make a regular appearance!" The other night was one of those nights, this chicken will be a regular in the Winn household. It was SO good, easy to make, and satisfied my deep longing for the Mediterranean Cafe in Pasadena that I miss terribly. I ran to the local Mediterranean joint here to grab some hummus to go with it and it was a delicious dinner (our friends we had over thought so too!). So, try this chicken, you will not be disappointed! (and if you come to my house for dinner and that's what I serve, don't be surprised!). :)

Now, head on over here to check out this sweet senior! Happy day to you! xo

*Fun fact, this senior's mom is going to be B's kindergarten teacher!


Anonymous said...

You can add that chicken to the list of possibilities I sent -- we love Mediterranian!

She is a cutie and you captured all of her cuteness.


Brooke S. said...

Oh.my.goodness!! I made this chicken for dinner tonight and it was DE-LI-CIOUS!! So freaking yummy, I could have eaten it all myself :) Thanks for sharing (and for trying it out for me first, ha!)