May 22, 2012

a funny conversation w/ B

(A little background, right now bugs in Waco are brutal, they are everywhere and are on a biting frenzy. The other day while I was giving B her bath I noticed she had several bites on her underwear line -ouch!)

So yesterday this was a little conversation we had that made me chuckle:

B: mom, you know those proactiv commercials we see on tv?

M: yes

B: well, I think I need some

M: Why do you think that?

B: remember during my bath when we saw all those red spots?

M: ohhh, yes, I do remember but those are bug bites and proactiv is for your face when you have zits, it won't help with bug bites, those will just go away with time. You have beautiful skin and don't need any proactiv.

B: Oh, okay.

I love that she remembered the commercial and knew it was for red spots that you wanted to go away! Cute girl. :)


Anonymous said...

OHMYGOSH!!! I am DYING with did you keep a straight face?????? Bless her little heart:)

Anonymous said...

too funny, I love it!


Kelly said...

Hahahaha! Oh, the power of marketing...