May 31, 2012

herbed risotto with chicken and carmelized onions

B/c this meal was sooo tasty and I think everyone should know about it, I'm taking a break from my no-blogging to blog this dinner. :)

For dinner last night I made this. If you like risotto and don't mind spending a little more time on dinner this meal is a must.try. I did do a couple things differently than the recipe said and I'm going to outline them here b/c it made it a lot easier.

First, I cut the chicken into pieces rather than cooking the breasts whole and shredding them later (although I did shred them a bit after they were cooked, but since they were already in small pieces this process was fast).

I didn't check the temperature of the chicken after it was in the chicken stock mixture, I let the pieces stay in there a bit and then took them out, cut a couple open to make sure they were done and called it a day.

I didn't use a dutch oven and dirty yet another pan. I started in a deep saucepan that I knew was large enough to fit all the contents. It worked great and was less clean up.

Adam and I both loved this meal and Adam requested it make a regular appearance at dinner time. :) Enjoy! xo

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Anonymous said...

Sounds delicious, but seems like a lot of work - hats off to you, tootums! Mayabe you could cook this for us when you're home this summer and show me how it's done:)