May 29, 2012

still trying

I'm still trying to work my way out of my "I don't feel like blogging or touching my camera" funk -I'm not quite there yet. Thank you to those of you who check in regularly for updates, I'm sure at some point I'll bounce back. :)

I do recommend this banana cake with vanilla bean frosting, easy and delish. I made it for a girlfriend's birthday the other day and it was gone in seconds! Also, for a Memorial day bbq we went to, I made 2 types of potatoes, recipes here and here. Since we have plenty of leftovers and some of my mi casa darlings are around for the summer (or are in town this week) they are coming over for dinner and a movie tonight -can't wait to hug them! Tuesday nights have been too quiet around here since Baylor got out for the summer! Hope everyone is having a good week! xo


Anonymous said...

and I have two very ripe bananas....ummmmm, Thanks for the great idea. Looks yummy.
So glad your "kids" can come over tonight - have fun!

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed that people are able and willing to blog daily. That is a lot of pressure! I say take a break and feel NO guilt.

Yes, that banana cake sounds delicious. Unfortunately I have no ripe bananas.


Robin said...

I love the pictures of your family! I check your blog daily so I've looked at them many times. You bring joy with your words, so don't burn out. I know two people who have never met you, but read your blog.

Kelly said...

I certainly can't talk, having been in a blogging slump for several years now. Do it if it's fun for you, without pressure from anyone else.