May 8, 2012

yesterday was fun

Sorry for the blog lull! My in-laws are in town so we're having fun playing with them! Yesterday they took B for the whole day so Adam and I could sneak away. For our fun day we:

*drove to Austin
*ate an a-maz-ing lunch at Hula Hut
*walked around south Congress and did some shopping
*Adam had too much fun in an old fashioned candy shop and walked out with lots of gummies
*I got a Michael Jackson cupcake from Hey Cupcake
*we saw the movie The 5 Year Engagement
*we both got pedicures that were to.die.for! In nearly 12 years of marriage we've never gotten pedicures together and we decided we might need to make that happen on a regular basis, it was pretty fabulous.
*we got caught in a crazy thunder/lightening storm
*on our drive back to Waco we stopped at BJ's for a late dinner and some pazookie (my fave)

All in all, a wonderful day with my love! THANK YOU Doug and Kemi for watching B, it was such a treat!!

So that's the haps around here. I'm gonna go enjoy my in-laws for the couple more days we have them! Happy Tuesday, all! xo


Anonymous said...

So glad you had such a fun day - sounds like lots of wonderful tasty meals:) I imagine Kemi and Doug had just as much fun with Brennan!

Katie said...

Whoa, what a great date! You and Adam will be having too much fun together for many years to come, I know it! Yay for Doug and Kemi!

Anonymous said...

What fabulous in laws and Grandparents to B you have! You are such a great writer too. What a fun day!

Kelly said...

Sounds like a lovely day!