June 29, 2012

lets talk Thai and travel

Recently I tried a new recipe for chicken satay and I thought it was better than the one I tried about a year or so ago, really good. I also made the peanut sauce that goes with it, but I didn't love it. I've yet to find a recipe for peanut sauce that is anywhere near as good as the one at my favorite Thai restaurant (Saladang in southern California -YUM). So if anyone has one they love, feel free to share!

In keeping with the yummy Thai dinner of chicken satay with peanut sauce I also made this yummy cucumber salad. It was so easy and SO good and really does taste very much like the one they serve at Saladang -score! All in all, dinner turned out pretty darn tasty if I do say so myself! So, if you like Thai food I would definitely give these recipes a try! (I quadrupled this recipe and didn't end up using all of the liquid so maybe don't add it all at once b/c it likely is too much).

Now for the travel portion of this post! I am heading up to Dallas to spend the night on Sunday b/c I have an early flight to Maine! I've never been to Maine but am excited to go and help my dear Kelly get settled into her new place and to celebrate her birthday on July 4th! I'll head back to Texas on the 5th and then its off to Oregon on the 6th! The ol' blog will likely be quiet for a while but I'll post when I have something to share!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! xo

June 26, 2012

24 hours in Dallas

Every once in a while you just gotta get out! Out of your city, your every day life, the normal routine, etc. I was feeling like the walls were closing in and I needed a change of scenery. I found a great deal on a 4 star hotel in Dallas and we packed up the fam and got the heck outta dodge for 24 hours, and it was just what I/we needed!

Now that I'm a bit obsessed with cooking and new recipes, etc. I've grown quite fond of Guy Fieri from the food network and love watching his show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. I looked up some of the restaurants featured on his show and we made it a point to hit some of them up while we were in town. When we first arrived in Dallas, we made our way to the pool and had it to ourselves, it was divine! Then, it was out to dinner at Twisted Root Burger Co for a-maz-ing burgers! I had the lost mexican, bleu cheese with jalapenos -delish!





After we went to dinner we drove to the mall and saw Madagascar 3, then headed back to the hotel to bed. The next morning B and Adam let me sleep in while they went to McDonalds for pancakes. Once we all got showered and ready for the day we hit up the Dallas Farmers Market! I walked away with some limes, cherries, and avocados -YUM.








I really wanted to try this place for lunch at the Farmers Market (that was also featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, but it was closed -boo). So, we headed to another triple D (that's what Guy calls it) recommendation called Cane Rosso for lunch. I wasn't as impressed with this place, it was an Italian joint with a pretty limited menu.

Guy Fieri was here!



After lunch we went to the Dallas Aquarium!















After the aquarium it was time to head home



All in all, it was a great 24 hours and just what the doctor ordered! xo

June 24, 2012

12 years


                                                   God gave me you for the ups and downs
                                                    God gave me you for the days of doubt
                                                        For when I think I've lost my way
                                                  There are no words here left to say, its true
                                                                     God gave me you.
                                                                            ~Dave Barnes

June 20, 2012

Dallas Peek!

We're back from our trip to Dallas, haven't gone through my photos yet but I knew I loved this one when I snapped the shutter. :) More to come! xo


June 13, 2012

food, etc. etc.

Whew! I don't know that I've taken a nearly 2 week break from blogging since I started this blog in 2007! I'm not sure that I'm fully re-charged and ready to delve back in but we'll see how I do. So far its been a very chill summer for us. Many nights of staying up late, dinners with friends, lazy mornings, pancakes at 3 in the afternoon, swimming in our friend's pool, B at VBS (this week), etc... For a night next week I rented us a hotel in Dallas, thought it would be fun to get the heck outta dodge and see something other than Waco for a bit! We also have some sweet friends coming into town to stay with us for a few days, that'll be fun (hope they don't melt)!

In other news, I still have a couple spots left for Seattle/Portland photo sessions in July, if you're interested check out: mollywinnphotography.com under the "travel" tab for the specific dates! I'm doing mini sessions too so if you just need a handful of updated pics, let me know!

FOOD. Okay, there has been some tasty stuff going on in my kitchen so let me share what we've been eating 'round here.

First up, I made these spicy pork tacos with cilantro jalapeno slaw. Rather than making sandwiches like the recipe shows, I bought pre-made/not pre-cooked tortillas and made tacos instead. If you don't like spice you should definitely either omit the jalapenos altogether or take all the seeds out. We loved the kick! The adobe peppers in the pork also lend some spice, but the coolness of the slaw is a nice touch. I would definitely recommend these!

We had company over for dinner recently and I wanted to grill so I made these maple glazed chicken kabobs with sweet jalapeno salsa. OH MAN THESE WERE GOOD! Again, the jalapeno definitely adds a kick but the spicy with the sweet was delish! (I took the seeds out of one of the jalapenos but left them in one -you could take them out of both if you really didn't want any spice).

Since I had left over chicken and pineapple I made these grilled chicken and pineapple quesadillas. I didn't have any jalapeno to put into the quesadilla like the recipe recommended but I had some of the salsa left over from the kabobs and served it w/ that and it was amazeballs. SO GOOD. I altered the recipe just a tad (ie pepperjack cheese rather than monterey jack, different spices on the chicken, etc..) but this is a must try. So easy and so good! (and the salsa was so good after having rested for a couple days and all the flavors melding together, would be great w/ just some tortilla chips for dipping!)

I think living in Texas has definitely brought out my love for tex-mex even more and spicy is definitely becoming more of a fave for me. I am pretty weak and need to drink lots of water but its soooo good! For those of you who like to steer clear of the spice, I made a new kind of creamy chicken taquito and Adam said he thought these might be better than the ones I posted months ago. B even liked them!

I ran across this recipe the other day for the "best buttermilk pancakes ever" and they did not disappoint! I had some buttermilk that needed to be used and this was the way to use it, folks! They were really delish!

For our company the other night I tried this raspberry cream pie. It was a simple summer dessert, nothing to write home about per se but if you like raspberry and need a quick dessert I'd give it a go!

Okay, enough food for now I think! (and yes, I have officially gained several pounds in the past 2 months, just in time for swimsuit season!). Sigh.

Okay foks, that's all I got for now! xo

P.S. YOU CAN NOW PURCHASE MUSIC FROM THE DIGITAL AGE ON ITUNES!!! (I don't want to mis-speak but I think they were #1 last week on itunes for Gospel/Christian music -HOLLA!!!!). BUY.IT.NOW. it is soooo good!!!