June 29, 2012

lets talk Thai and travel

Recently I tried a new recipe for chicken satay and I thought it was better than the one I tried about a year or so ago, really good. I also made the peanut sauce that goes with it, but I didn't love it. I've yet to find a recipe for peanut sauce that is anywhere near as good as the one at my favorite Thai restaurant (Saladang in southern California -YUM). So if anyone has one they love, feel free to share!

In keeping with the yummy Thai dinner of chicken satay with peanut sauce I also made this yummy cucumber salad. It was so easy and SO good and really does taste very much like the one they serve at Saladang -score! All in all, dinner turned out pretty darn tasty if I do say so myself! So, if you like Thai food I would definitely give these recipes a try! (I quadrupled this recipe and didn't end up using all of the liquid so maybe don't add it all at once b/c it likely is too much).

Now for the travel portion of this post! I am heading up to Dallas to spend the night on Sunday b/c I have an early flight to Maine! I've never been to Maine but am excited to go and help my dear Kelly get settled into her new place and to celebrate her birthday on July 4th! I'll head back to Texas on the 5th and then its off to Oregon on the 6th! The ol' blog will likely be quiet for a while but I'll post when I have something to share!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! xo


Kelly said...

I do love Saladang but Chicago was not lacking in really tasty Thai food. Let's hope Maine can deliver.

I can't wait to see you in Maine! Because, I LIVE IN MAINE NOW. (Wow, that's weird to type.)

kelly said...

wait a minute. i didn't know you blogged. i will be back, oh yes i will!
don't forget to invite yourself over in august - i want to hear about your adventures!

Autumn said...

See you soon!