July 29, 2012

July 12, 2012

quiet blog = vacation

The blog is going to be a bit quiet for a while. I've been very intentional about stepping away from the computer while we're "home." There might be updates here and there but I plan to resume normal blogging life in August. Enjoy your summer, all!! xo


July 11, 2012

my mom went to Maine...

...and all she brought me back was this stupid lobster sucker.

(that's not true, I brought her back a purse too. :) Happy Wednesday! xo

July 5, 2012

From Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon

Got back from Maine this morning, I'm so tired! Kelly and I had a great time scouring her new state! I have lots of photos to share but for now, gotta sleep, do laundry, and then re-pack to head to Oregon tomorrow. More to come! xo