August 15, 2012

a new routine and a cute fam!

Well its day 3 of our new routine of waking up to an alarm (although B woke us up yesterday, which I was so glad about! I'd much rather wake up to my sweet girl's face than an obnoxious beep!) and we're still figuring things out. Its amazing how time seems to disappear in the morning isn't it?! I'm still getting used to only being with Brennan about 5 hours a day, its a big adjustment to go from 13 hours to 5! Her teacher sent me an email saying she has adjusted to her new surroundings quickly and is doing great so that made me happy.

In other news our dear friend British Jon is back from the UK!! He left on sabbatical 8 months ago and got home last night! B and I spent our afternoon making him a "welcome home British Jon" sign that extended almost the whole length of his house. :) AND it was in pink! (who knew I'd still be using the pink paper from B's first birthday party all these years later?!). Fun to have our friend/neighbor back in town!

Well, in other randomness I officially finished phase 1 of the diet insanity yesterday, WHO HOO!! I didn't weigh myself when I started b/c the batteries in my scale were dead but once I replaced them a few days later I guestimated and I think I'm down around 4ish pounds. So, I feel like the torturous 2 weeks have gotten me jump started now its time to add more things back in but to be more mindful from here on out...we'll see how it goes. Sigh.

Well, I think that's all the randomness I have for today! I just posted a Portland mini session on my other blog so head on over HERE! xo

British Jon's house!

(iphone photos)


Kelly said...

I love the way you love your friends and neighbors. I wish we were in each others' daily lives again!

(CONGRATS on lost weight!)

Kemi Winn said...

So happy to hear that you received a positive note for B' teacher. I was pretty sure she would do very well and go with the flow. Bet her teacher loves her already!

British John must have felt very welcomed -- that was one HUGE sign! Very thoughtful.