August 10, 2012

a SWEET first birthday party

So this is our last weekend before "real life" begins! B starts school at 8am on Monday morning! We went to visit her classroom and pick up her school supplies, etc. and wouldn't you know it, there is another Brennan in B's class!! She wasn't too excited about this information, especially when we told her the other Brennan was a boy! But seriously, out of 16 kids, there are 2 Brennan's in one class?! Unreal! I do realize Brennan is an Irish name and she's going to a Catholic school so maybe its not that weird but it did surprise me! B hasn't been too excited about starting school but when she saw her new crayons and purple scissors she was all of a sudden ready to go (who knew that's all it would take?!)! My baby is growing up! Sniff!!

Now onto another baby who is growing up, sweet Kinley just turned 1! Head on over HERE to see her beautiful party! Have a great weekend, all! xo


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Katie said...

Ah, I read now the other B is a boy.