August 22, 2012

life lately in instagrams

Since I FINALLY upgraded to a smart phone a month or so ago I've been much better about capturing my daily life via iphone camera. Here is what we've been up to....

Oh! Winn Mi Casa is now officially ON for the semester. All (well, almost all) of my darlings were here last night, my heart is full, very very full. xo


you can follow me on instagram: @mollywinn2


Anonymous said...

Yeah for more pictures! You are a busy one:) So happy for you that Mi Casa is back on track!

Kelly said...

I'm so glad to have you on IG. :-)

Anonymous said...

Keep'em comng!!!!!


Caila said...

I just looked at this with Abby and Hudson and they can't get enough of Brennan! Hudson says, "Hi Molly! I like your pictures. I like the cookies that you made." Abby says, "Hi Brennan, I like your cupcake!"

Caila said...

Oh, and Hudson keeps calling you, "Olly." It's awesome.