August 1, 2012

no place like H.O.M.E.

After (me) being gone the entire month of July we got home last night. Upon getting home (around 11pm) within 10 minutes of walking in the door I managed to squirt ketchup on myself, smash a gecko in the door, nearly step on a cockroach the size of Rhode Island (thankfully it was on the porch and not in the house), and realize that the air conditioning in the downstairs portion of the house had stopped working! For anyone unfamiliar with Texas summers, its about 106 degrees here right now during the day, the lows are around 79 degrees, and when we got home last night it was 95 degrees outside and 87 inside! Woot! Ay yi yi. Truth be told, inspite of it all,  it is SO good to be home, I missed my bed (among many other things)!

The silver lining in all of this is that Adam's bestie here in Waco works for an air conditioning company so we had someone knocking on our door at 8:30am to help fix the problem (thanks BP)! Good to have friends isn't it? :) So yeah, fingers crossed this isn't one of those spendy home repairs since our home warranty just lapsed last month (define irony).

Well, our fridge is bare and I need to run to the post office to get a month's worth of mail so I'm off! Happy first day of August and start checking back in b/c I have much to blog!

a weary traveler


Robin said...

So glad you're home safely! Sorry about the air conditioning and also about the lapsed warranty. That's when things always happen.

Anonymous said...

my sentiments exactly (Robin - you always say what I'm thinking...only better:))
We miss you already!!!!!

Kelly said...

Welcome Home!

Anonymous said...

So glad you made it home safely - not so glad about the WARM welcome!
But we MISS you!!!!


Jen said...

Welcome home, even though I'm sad you're so far away, I know how good it feels to be in your own bed. :) Glad we got a few hours of your & A's time. So good to see you toots!