August 23, 2012

random thoughts on this here Thursday

*I kinda wish I still had my nose ring

*I wonder if that light fixture I've been eyeing will look good in my living room

*I hope B learns to love school and likes to learn

*Has Brennan decided she really does want a sibling or is she just really liking the mini van rental and wants us to have an excuse to get one?

*Should I re-paint the hallway?

*I wonder how much it would cost to have someone come in and do a makeover in my yard?

*Should B and I accompany Adam to Dallas on Saturday? If so, wonder what we'll do while we're there?

*I'll be really thrilled when we finally have window treatments in this house

*B has to get 2 vaccines tomorrow, sooo not looking forward to that.

*I wonder if we'll live in Waco beyond this year? I hope so, but so weird to think about moving...again.

*I'm looking forward to leftovers for dinner tonight, last nights chicken pot pie was kinda delish

*I miss baking...on a regular basis.

*I hate diets.

*I love my new phone, but I'm not looking forward to getting that first bill.

*2 bills I mailed never made it to their destination, I wonder if they got stolen or just lost?

*I love the new canvas map I bought and hung in the hallway, I think its a nice addition to our home.

*Fall is in the air and I love it.

*I'm late with my sister's bday gift, I hate being late.

*I have to go to church today to participate in a video for church on Sunday. I always hate my voice when I hear it played back to me...I think I sound like a man.

*I think the ninner looks cute in her Catholic school uniform

*I really don't like paying for Catholic school.

*Weird to think about going back to work, for someone other than myself.

*I wonder if I'll make it to that birth I was recently hired to photograph? You never know how those things are gonna play out.

*I should really get in the shower and quit rambling.


Anonymous said...

love your rambling....nice to know what's going on with you (and in your mind)...thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

OK so the one that really caught my attention was the one about B possibly wanting a sibling! Also love to hear your thoughts and "ramblings".


Kelly said...

I always love the ramblings too, and in particular, your new map, B's sudden desire for a sibling, and whether you'll live in Waco past this year. I wonder about these things (for you) too. :-)

Katie said...

Online banking, girl!

Jenny B. said...

You don't sound like a man!! But I hate hearing my voice too. I think I sound annoying.

Carrie said...

Among other things ... the canvas map sounds awesome! I love maps and have never seen a canvas one, but I imagine it looks great!