August 21, 2012

whew! life lately

Sorry for the blog lull, things have been somewhat busy and I think we're all still adjusting to our new routine over here. Whats been going on....okay, well, Adam starts his first day today at Truett! Woot! I got in a fender bender in a parking lot (boo!) so have been dealing w/ taking car in, rental car, back and forth blah blah. Getting B out the door on time continues to be an adjustment. :) And on top of all of that I've been interviewing for a couple jobs! I'm looking for something part time, just to "get back out there" now that B is back in school. I was offered a job, and am still waiting to hear about a job so...stay tuned! All that to say, its been a bit of a circus and my poor blog is getting the shaft. Its a new season for the Winns, that's for sure!

I'm still weeding through Maine photos and hope to have some posts up soon. For now, head on over HERE to see my mom's birthday present! Happy day to you all, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister, love you Rodent! xo


Katie said...

Eager to hear more details on the job front! Love the cousins photos. :) Thanks for the email exchange a few days ago. I miss you.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh, thanks for the shout out Mol!

Love you -