September 29, 2012

little bathroom updates

There are many things I want to change/update around the house, especially the light fixtures! When our house was flipped and then sold to us, the fixtures were um...on the cheap side and many have these ugly yellowish shades that in turn make the light an ugly yellowish-tinged color. Ick! The light fixture in B's bathroom didn't have the yellow problem but it was this ugly modern looking fixture that looked like 3 planets hanging down from the ceiling- ick! Well, while I was in Oregon this summer I was admiring my friend Brandi's light fixtures in her bedroom, she said they were from Lowe's and a great deal so off I went! I bought one and had it installed in B's bathroom and I love it! I think it looks so much more appropriate to the year of the house and the style in her bathroom! Adds some girlishness and just looks more fun in there now! As usual I forgot to take a "before" photo but here is the new update!


I also wanted something to go above the toilet that took up more space than what was currently there. I ordered this wood art and I LOVE it. It looks better than I even hoped and I love that since its B's bathroom its a message to her specifically each day.


Here's to checking a couple more to-dos off my list!

September 25, 2012

a rough go

I don't know if I walked under a ladder or what but lately I've had a rough go! Recently I burned my finger while making dinner, it was the kind of burn that the instant you took you ice off of it it felt like someone was stabbing you. Needless to say, I went to bed with my finger in ice (which of course melted in the night and proceeded to leak all over the bed). Then the next day while I was getting ready for work I hit said finger on a cabinet and the blister ripped open, lovely. The bugs in Texas are d.i.s.g.u.s.t.i.n.g. and HUGE and right now is cricket season. Crickets are every.where. and they are big and black and jump really high and are scary. The other morning I went to get in the shower, I turned on the water and walked in and a huge cricket comes jumping down from the ceiling AND ABOUT GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK! Then the next day a gecko decided to join me in the shower (geckos are also super common here and someone wind up in every ones houses) so again, I jump out come running downstairs in a towel to get Adam and right then his friend Jeremy opens the door and there I am standing, essentially naked. Good Morning, Jeremy! Without missing a beat he starts singing "the best part of waking up....!!!" My most recent fiasco was Saturday morning, I was in the tippy top starting to walk downstairs and I slipped and fell down several stairs, in turn twisting my big toe under my foot (OUCH) and then proceeding to continue falling down several more stairs. So, I'm currently laying in bed with ice on my foot. Big sigh. I don't know about you but things like this seem to come at me in waves, I'm hoping I'm near the end of the streak, not sure how much more I can take!

I started this post and am just now getting around to finishing it. So far things seem to be improving. :) Tonight was mi casa, we had 2 newbies join us so that was fun! It was one of my darling's birthday so I made her request, white cupcakes w/ lemon filling and meringue frosting, they tasted pretty delish if I do say so myself! I just used a box cake mix for the cupcakes, then filled them with Ina Garten's lemon curd and this white meringue frosting. I'd recommend both!

Well, its been a loooong and busy day and I'm wiped so I'll end here. :) Happy Day to you all! xo 040

September 22, 2012

Holiday Mini Sessions!

It's that time of year again!! Holiday Mini Sessions are here!!

Start thinking about those holiday cards and book your photo session this fall!!

Here's the scoop:

WHEN: October 13th & 14th

WHERE: October 13th will be a rural location in Waco
               October 14th will be an urban location in Waco  

Cost: $225

What the cost includes: a 20 minute photo session with up to 5 people (for each additional person there is an additional $25 fee), an online photo gallery with 10-12 edited images, your cost includes 5 digital images with a copy right release, if you would like to purchase the remainding images the cost is an additional $100.

As always I am doing a limited number of sessions so email me: molly@mollywinnphotography{dot}com to book your session! Hope to see you soon!!


September 20, 2012

crazy week & crazy good corn bread

Hi all, sorry for being lame and for such a bad blog week! This week has been INSANE. Adam's bff is in town and we thought we were only going to see him briefly, well as it turns out he wanted more Winn time so he's been driving back and forth to/from Dallas each day to spend more time with us so, we've been soaking up every minute with him! That coupled with work, gymnastics, cooking, etc. I have had zero time to blog, please accept my sincerest apologies. :)

This weekend will be a zoo too, we have 3 birthday parties, 1 shower and a dinner invite! All fun things, just a bit of a circus! I'm hoping to squeeze in some time to blog but just bare with me until I can get it together! :)

I have cooked a bit in the midst of the crazy, and one of the new things I tried was this cornbread. OH.MY.WORD. If you like green chili and and cornbread this recipe is for you, I don't know that I'll ever make another kind again!!

Okay all, I gotta jet, just walked in the door and need to head out again! More to come!


September 13, 2012

PLUM is online!

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while now you know I'm a huge fan of the local store here in Waco called Plum. Well, I've posted several photos of Plum over the 2 years that I've lived here in Waco and folks are always emailing me and asking if Plum ships, well, now they do!! You can now shop at Plum from your very own living room and your items will be sent right to you! How great is that?!! So, to shop at Plum go to and browse away! Also check out their blog for fun ideas, recipes, etc.. I blog there occasionally too so be looking for "Plum Molly" at the end of a post! :)

(pardon the crappy iphone photo of my computer screen!)


September 12, 2012


I was telling a friend the other day that now that I'm back to work (for someone other than myself) that I'll feel good about things if I can keep up with dinner, keep B's uniforms clean, and stay on top of the millions of papers that she comes home from school with. Last week we forgot to bring her library book back on time (so they wouldn't let her check out a new one), her homework was a day late, and I forgot about the grandparent questionnaire (which, since her grandparents can't make it to grandparents day I'm not beating myself up too badly for). So, needless to say, not doing so well on the ol' list BUT I was able to stay on top of dinner so...we'll shoot for better percentages this week!

As for dinner, I have realized that its good to throw in a staple each week, have a super easy meal 1 night (which happens to be Thursday since we don't get back from gymnastics until 6) and to try 1 new meal. The easy meal this past week was french dip sandwiches, the staple was chicken divan, and the new meal was chicken picatta. I also tried a new dessert from an old cookbook of mine and took it to our friends house and ate with them, easy and summery! Oh, and now that I think about it, I did try 2 new dinners this past week but I don't know that that will be something I'll keep up with each week. I made this corn chowder. I think the corn chowder was good and hearty but I don't think it was good enough for the amount of effort it took (it took a good hour to make). The chicken picatta was delish and minimal effort, rather than beat breasts flat, I just bought thin ones to skip that step. I don't have the dessert recipe in front of me at the moment, if you want it shoot me an email and I'll get it to you. It is a lemon pudding type dessert with fresh berries, good for a light summer evening!

Okay all, that's it for today!! Happy cooking and eating! xo


September 10, 2012

Maine, Part 1

HOW have I not blogged my time in Maine yet?!! Life gets so crazy! Okay, well, I went to Maine from July 2-5th so help Kelly get settled into her new home and to celebrate her birthday with her! We did celebrate her birthday but we didn't "get settled" as her movers were LAME (to say the least) and didn't bring her stuff on time. But really, it worked out okay b/c rather than unpack boxes we spent our time scouring Maine and going to about 10 different small, quaint towns! Maine is lovely and looks very similar to the ol' PNW. Mainers joke that there are 2 seasons in Maine, winter, and July! Thankfully I got to enjoy the summer there, not only was it a nice break from the 100+ degree Texas heat but it was just so warm and lovely. I can't remember all of the towns or the geographical landmarks (I'm too old to remember such details 2 whole months later!) but I do know it was a great few days with my dear friend and I hope to go back! Enjoy the tour! xo

*In this photo craziness are the towns of Camden and I think Wascachit (sp?). Everyone said Red's was the place to try the lobster roll, the line is down the street every day. Well, I wasn't hungry enough to justify the $23 for the lobster roll but I did stand in line and get a whoopie pie (which apparently originated in Maine) and of course the clouds rolled in and although they passed out umbrellas we got drenched!

September 9, 2012

We're in the Wacoan!

This seems a bit self-promoting and thus makes me a bit uncomfortable but its kinda cool so I'm sharing! Our house was featured in a local publication called the Wacoan. They came out to our house to interview us and did a spread in this month's issue! Fun to see how it turned out (although if I'm being honest I just see many unfinished projects). Ay yi yi. Anyhoo, kinda fun. :)


September 7, 2012

brownie oreo goodness

This week for mi casa I tried a new recipe and it was ridiculously good and so simple! Buy some boxed brownies, make them according to package directions but omit the water. Then add 1/2 cup of oreo ice cream, 1/4 cup of hot fudge sauce and stir. Pour half the batter into the bottom of a greased baking dish, then line the dish with oreos, then pour the remainder of the batter over the top!! Bake for 45-50 min until brownies are done. SOOOO good!!! And since we're talking about dessert I'll give an update on my diet efforts. So far I'm down 8lbs, I have 19lbs to go (which feels overwhelming) but so far so good! Its gonna be a looooooooooong road. Ugh. I hope you all have a great weekend and eat some oreo brownies for me! xo


Recipe from here.

September 5, 2012

B lost her first tooth!

Whoa! How has it been almost a week since I last blogged?! Things have been busy around here with me getting into the groove of being back to work, etc.. All in all, so far so good, just an adjustment as expected. The BIG news around here is that B lost her first tooth!! She was sooo excited for the tooth fairy's visit and made a special note just for Florence (Florence was my tooth fairy when I was little so of course she's still in the tooth business!). So, officially on September 3rd, the tooth came out (this is really for my own personal memory's sake), my big girl!! Here are some photos I posted on instagram! More of daily life to come! xo