September 25, 2012

a rough go

I don't know if I walked under a ladder or what but lately I've had a rough go! Recently I burned my finger while making dinner, it was the kind of burn that the instant you took you ice off of it it felt like someone was stabbing you. Needless to say, I went to bed with my finger in ice (which of course melted in the night and proceeded to leak all over the bed). Then the next day while I was getting ready for work I hit said finger on a cabinet and the blister ripped open, lovely. The bugs in Texas are d.i.s.g.u.s.t.i.n.g. and HUGE and right now is cricket season. Crickets are every.where. and they are big and black and jump really high and are scary. The other morning I went to get in the shower, I turned on the water and walked in and a huge cricket comes jumping down from the ceiling AND ABOUT GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK! Then the next day a gecko decided to join me in the shower (geckos are also super common here and someone wind up in every ones houses) so again, I jump out come running downstairs in a towel to get Adam and right then his friend Jeremy opens the door and there I am standing, essentially naked. Good Morning, Jeremy! Without missing a beat he starts singing "the best part of waking up....!!!" My most recent fiasco was Saturday morning, I was in the tippy top starting to walk downstairs and I slipped and fell down several stairs, in turn twisting my big toe under my foot (OUCH) and then proceeding to continue falling down several more stairs. So, I'm currently laying in bed with ice on my foot. Big sigh. I don't know about you but things like this seem to come at me in waves, I'm hoping I'm near the end of the streak, not sure how much more I can take!

I started this post and am just now getting around to finishing it. So far things seem to be improving. :) Tonight was mi casa, we had 2 newbies join us so that was fun! It was one of my darling's birthday so I made her request, white cupcakes w/ lemon filling and meringue frosting, they tasted pretty delish if I do say so myself! I just used a box cake mix for the cupcakes, then filled them with Ina Garten's lemon curd and this white meringue frosting. I'd recommend both!

Well, its been a loooong and busy day and I'm wiped so I'll end here. :) Happy Day to you all! xo 040


Kemi Winn said...

My goodness Molly, sounds like you've been living a bad dream - an embarrassing bad dream! Here's to a better week.

Yummy looking cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

I know how steep those stairs are -so thankful you didn't hurt more than your toe. Please tell me these crickets and geckos are gone by November???
Yes, those cupcakes look tasty!

Jenny B. said...

Those cupcakes look awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Molly, what a terrible few days!! Oddly enough my sis fell down the stairs the exact same way this week and broke her foot. I hope yours is ok...

Miss u


Katie said...

Wow, hope you're on the mend and that bad streak has come to an end! Glad you weren't too banged up to make those cupcakes for the birthday girl.

Kelly said...

Oh, gosh! What a miserable collection of events! Those cupcakes do go a ways to making up for it.