September 5, 2012

B lost her first tooth!

Whoa! How has it been almost a week since I last blogged?! Things have been busy around here with me getting into the groove of being back to work, etc.. All in all, so far so good, just an adjustment as expected. The BIG news around here is that B lost her first tooth!! She was sooo excited for the tooth fairy's visit and made a special note just for Florence (Florence was my tooth fairy when I was little so of course she's still in the tooth business!). So, officially on September 3rd, the tooth came out (this is really for my own personal memory's sake), my big girl!! Here are some photos I posted on instagram! More of daily life to come! xo



Carey said...

such a cute pillow! did you make it yourself?

Anonymous said...

She told me she wanted Florence to bring here a real live weiner wondering if it would fit in that pillow? Bless her heart! I hope I'm there for the next one:)
Doggie Grandma

Anonymous said...

so cute!!!


Molly W. said...

I bought this pillow 4 years ago in Ireland. Wish I could say I made it! :)