September 12, 2012


I was telling a friend the other day that now that I'm back to work (for someone other than myself) that I'll feel good about things if I can keep up with dinner, keep B's uniforms clean, and stay on top of the millions of papers that she comes home from school with. Last week we forgot to bring her library book back on time (so they wouldn't let her check out a new one), her homework was a day late, and I forgot about the grandparent questionnaire (which, since her grandparents can't make it to grandparents day I'm not beating myself up too badly for). So, needless to say, not doing so well on the ol' list BUT I was able to stay on top of dinner so...we'll shoot for better percentages this week!

As for dinner, I have realized that its good to throw in a staple each week, have a super easy meal 1 night (which happens to be Thursday since we don't get back from gymnastics until 6) and to try 1 new meal. The easy meal this past week was french dip sandwiches, the staple was chicken divan, and the new meal was chicken picatta. I also tried a new dessert from an old cookbook of mine and took it to our friends house and ate with them, easy and summery! Oh, and now that I think about it, I did try 2 new dinners this past week but I don't know that that will be something I'll keep up with each week. I made this corn chowder. I think the corn chowder was good and hearty but I don't think it was good enough for the amount of effort it took (it took a good hour to make). The chicken picatta was delish and minimal effort, rather than beat breasts flat, I just bought thin ones to skip that step. I don't have the dessert recipe in front of me at the moment, if you want it shoot me an email and I'll get it to you. It is a lemon pudding type dessert with fresh berries, good for a light summer evening!

Okay all, that's it for today!! Happy cooking and eating! xo



Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you - hate coming home from work and cooking dinner. That dessert looks yummy -Does this constitute shooting you an email:)

Kelly said...

Three guaranteed meals at home is a great start with all of the changes in your home recently. You rock!

Anonymous said...

Wow Molly, I'm impressed! I don't do ANYWHERE near that well and I don't even work. A lemon dessert recipe is always a hit with me and that one looks supper yummy. I'd also love the recipe sometime. But no pressure, I know you are one busy lady!