September 29, 2012

little bathroom updates

There are many things I want to change/update around the house, especially the light fixtures! When our house was flipped and then sold to us, the fixtures were um...on the cheap side and many have these ugly yellowish shades that in turn make the light an ugly yellowish-tinged color. Ick! The light fixture in B's bathroom didn't have the yellow problem but it was this ugly modern looking fixture that looked like 3 planets hanging down from the ceiling- ick! Well, while I was in Oregon this summer I was admiring my friend Brandi's light fixtures in her bedroom, she said they were from Lowe's and a great deal so off I went! I bought one and had it installed in B's bathroom and I love it! I think it looks so much more appropriate to the year of the house and the style in her bathroom! Adds some girlishness and just looks more fun in there now! As usual I forgot to take a "before" photo but here is the new update!


I also wanted something to go above the toilet that took up more space than what was currently there. I ordered this wood art and I LOVE it. It looks better than I even hoped and I love that since its B's bathroom its a message to her specifically each day.


Here's to checking a couple more to-dos off my list!


Anonymous said...

Your mother's daugher:) They both look great!

Anonymous said...

love both things!!

Kelly said...

I LOVE both of these updates! LOVE!