September 10, 2012

Maine, Part 1

HOW have I not blogged my time in Maine yet?!! Life gets so crazy! Okay, well, I went to Maine from July 2-5th so help Kelly get settled into her new home and to celebrate her birthday with her! We did celebrate her birthday but we didn't "get settled" as her movers were LAME (to say the least) and didn't bring her stuff on time. But really, it worked out okay b/c rather than unpack boxes we spent our time scouring Maine and going to about 10 different small, quaint towns! Maine is lovely and looks very similar to the ol' PNW. Mainers joke that there are 2 seasons in Maine, winter, and July! Thankfully I got to enjoy the summer there, not only was it a nice break from the 100+ degree Texas heat but it was just so warm and lovely. I can't remember all of the towns or the geographical landmarks (I'm too old to remember such details 2 whole months later!) but I do know it was a great few days with my dear friend and I hope to go back! Enjoy the tour! xo

*In this photo craziness are the towns of Camden and I think Wascachit (sp?). Everyone said Red's was the place to try the lobster roll, the line is down the street every day. Well, I wasn't hungry enough to justify the $23 for the lobster roll but I did stand in line and get a whoopie pie (which apparently originated in Maine) and of course the clouds rolled in and although they passed out umbrellas we got drenched!


Anonymous said...

How quaint and beautiful - yum, that bisque looks fabulous!!!! So happy you could be with Kelly AND squeeze so much into a short time.

Carrie said...

Gorgeous pictures Molly - Maine is lovely, especially when it's not below zero :)

Katie said...

Those pictures scream Maine! I've been there once in my life, and I was too young to appreciate it! Why did Kelly get to move there? Lucky! How 'bout a picture of you girls in Maine? :)

Kelly said...

Oooo, I love seeing my new home through your eyes! It is as charming as your images of Camden and WISCASSET. :-)

Katie - I moved her to complete my internship/residency as the last step in my doctorate in psychology. It's a lovely place to live!